All About Twitter Strategy

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Social media has become one of the most important aspects of online marketing. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are used by millions of people and companies now use these sites as a platform for marketing their products. Social media is a highly interactive base for companies and their clients. It is not only about product promotion, but problem-solving and customer relations are an important aspect of social media communication as well.

What not to do on your Twitter account 

  • Avoid following your customers: Often companies have several loyal customers on their Twitter account, so why not follow them. Following customers who already use your product establishes a personal connection. It also helps but enabling you and a particular client to have one on one conversations in private instead of on your twitter page that is being followed by hundreds of people. Exclusive conversations can annoy people who are not a part of it. Following you, clients give them a direct channel to contact you. 
  • Not separating the main Twitter account from customer service: Having two channels for one company can be beneficial. Having a separate account for customer service can help organize client issues better. If all messages are clustered in one account, important messages may be looked over. Maintaining one account for general discussions and a separate one for problem-solving can save time and also give both company and customer clarity. 
  • Never refrain from making surprise offers online: Companies often avoid offering surprises to their customers online owing to the fear of it becoming an expectation. But making offers and giveaways can increase the popularity of your company greatly even if it is of zero-value like priority check-in for instance. 

  Things to go through your Twitter account 

  • Extend offers beyond Twitter: Companies can use their accounts to invite customers to promotions and events. People, who attend shows that are organized through social media, are most likely to tweet about them and popularize the company. 
  • Promote a feeling of exclusivity: Pictures and information of exclusive offers and events can be shared through Twitter. Having access to exclusive content is appreciated by customers who may go on to share them among their personal networks. 
  • Engage your followers: Following your clients back is an important aspect of this point. Giving personalized attention to messages and ensuring all clients’ questions are answered is important. Constantly updating and interaction with customers automatically increases their confidence in the company. If you interested this kind of valuable information so please visit in

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