The Best Ways an Android App Development Agency Use to Measure App Success

The Best Ways an Android App Development Agency Use to Measure App Success

After creating a mobile app and launching it on Play Store, the next thing is to measure its performance. Even if the target audience responds positively, you still need to assess the app against the predefined standards of key performance indicators or KPI. It is important to do as it helps you track the performance as well as continuously improve your app, hence generate more revenue. 

Below are some ways that an Android app development agency uses to measure mobile app success. 

1) No of downloads: An easy way to measure the progress of the mobile application is to see the number of times as an app has been downloaded, contrasted against a given period of time. The number of downloads in this period will point you to the areas which need to be improved on. For example, your marketing skills.

2) Retaining users: One app KPI that is very important for determining the success of the application is the user retention rate. This rate basically measures those users who used the app once and come back to use it again. You could have millions of downloads, but it won't matter if the user has uninstalled the app soon after downloading it.

3) Loading time: Time is money for an enterprise. If there are the app features that slow down the loading time, then people are more likely to uninstall and switch to another app and this may be the worst scenario for you. Therefore, it is necessary to find out how fast your app loads. And if loads low, it is good to discuss with your android app developer to assist you with this.

4) The no. and length of sessions: These are the important KPIs for app developers that help them to find out the no of the sessions and the time that user spend on the app. This will help you to learn about the type of the users you have and what are the reasons behind using it.

5) LTV: The LTV (lifetime value) of your users is an important KPI that let you know about the revenue generated on a per-user basis.

Now when you clearly understand the KPIs of your app, you can make the accurate decision for your apps. In order to measure all these factors, an experienced Android development agency like Nettechnocrats can help you better. They will love to report all these KPIs with a clean spread of comprehensive metrics as well as help you to make your app more better in performance.

Last updated:4/17/2019 10:10:11 PM
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