Smart Home Technology: What Marketable Features Renters Actually Want

Amazon’s Alexa and other smartphone apps are making life easier for homeowners all across the country. Even A/C units, home security systems, motion sensors, blinds, TVs and light bulbs are products that include smart technology in 2018.

Gartner research predicts that as of 2018, more than 20% of households have adopted smart home technology and automation, making everyday tasks like laundry, babysitting, turning on music, turning off lights and others much easier. So, what does this mean for renters?

Property management companies and apartment marketing agencies (and developers) need to know what renters want. You can’t build new units in 2018 that don’t feature the latest and greatest features and amenities; one of those features being smart home technology and automation. 

Whether you’re marketing a new Chicago apartment to an experienced renter, or a micro-apartment in New York City to a first-time renter, you’ll need more specific smart home features to attract these potential tenants. Here are four major smart automation concepts that renters are hoping to find in every new apartment they see on the market.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can be a lifesaver. If you’re out of town and need to change the temperature in your apartment, in order to save a few bucks on your next heating and cooling bill, smart thermostats can help. These innovative heating and cooling devices have emerged in a number of different variations throughout the last few years. Each device is customizable and makes controlling the temperature in your rental unit extremely simple. 

The majority of these smart thermostat devices allow for app control from a smartphone. This will give any renter the remote access they love and want. Some smart thermostats even come with voice control like Alexa or Siri. Why get off the couch when you can tell your thermostat what to do? Now that’s a feature a renter would pay more for, don’t you think?

Smart Lighting

Who needs old lightbulbs that cost you a fortune on your utility bill each month? Not renters, that’s for sure. All it takes is a simple Wi-Fi connection and you can have your apartment under the lighting of smart bulbs. It takes just seconds. There’s no hub or other connectors that a renter would need, just the Wi-Fi connection. These lights can be synced with Amazon’s Alexa as well, so you can control the dimmer by voice. Again, that’s worth a few extra bucks in the monthly rent budget – a feature that truly makes life more convenient for a tenant. 

Smart Video Monitoring 

Smart home technology wouldn’t be doing the job it was meant to do without creating a more enhanced security system for renters. With sometimes hundreds of other people living in the same building, security needs to be tight, specifically, in entryways and doorways. Unlike other smart devices, these cameras do not require complicated installation, which is a huge plus for renters. 

These smart cams can track 24/7 movements in an around your apartment, the front door, and your patio area. If movement is detected when you’re not home, you’ll instantly receive a notification on your smartphone. And if you’re traveling out of town for a long period of time, you’ll feel quite less anxious knowing you have 24/7 access to your cameras simply from your smartphone.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are not expensive and should be implemented by all developers and landlords who are looking to increase the price of their current units on the market. This simple product easily integrates into your rental. Smart plugs allow renters to access anything that plugs into an outlet from a remote location with just the tap of a finger on a smartphone or mobile device. You can even use smart plugs to activate smart speakers and other apartment devices.

Smart plugs can be fully integrated with lighting and security systems to program and activate when you’re away. This gives the appearance that you are home in your apartment and might help deter potential thieves from breaking and entering — the power of the smart plug!

Smart plugs and outlets also save renters hundreds of dollars on their utility bills each year. These outlets and plugs will automatically turn off devices when not in use and you’ll never have to worry about leaving a light on all day by accident! A worry-free smart tech feature!

It’s clear that smart home technology has a ton to offer in the rental industry. When marketing an apartment, it’s a clear advantage to ensure that your apartment or property has the latest, updated technology that is attracting young apartment hunters. So, what are you waiting for? Stop spending money on home or apartment repairs for those old appliances and get smart with smart home technology. 

Last updated:4/16/2019 12:47:16 PM
Wendy Dessler

Wendy Dessler

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