Good Bugs for Organic Garden Pest Control : Organic & Biological Pest Control

For the most part, you don’t want many pests in your garden. However, there are some occasions that you don’t want to kill the pests either. There are numerous insects that are beneficial to a garden in the long run. For example, spiders usually help in eating dangerous and annoying pests. This includes mosquitoes. Most of the time insects like standard garden spiders are not harmful to pets and humans.

If you are dealing with this kind of situation, there are quite a few natural ways to repel the pests that can be used regularly to minimize the presence of specific insects in specific locations. This usually fits quite well with the overall environmentally friendly concept of organic gardening. This is also an opportunity to combine organic pest control with biological pest control Melbourne. Biological pest control allows predator species of insects to maintain the proper balance of the garden ecosystem. Use the predator insects to get rid of the other annoying pests.

Combining organic and biological pest control makes the most sense in an outdoor and agricultural setting. However, this may not be the best idea in a house. The outside garden setting allows you to learn the concepts and knowledge that farmers have used for years. There are many benefits to having multiple types of insects. So, it makes sense to invest in products that repel harmful bugs rather than kill them. You will avoid the bad side effects of chemical repellents and those that remain will have to deal with predatory insects.

So, you have taken the time to create your organic garden and put in the correct additives. Now, you must consider organic pest control. It is important for your garden.

Good Bugs for Organic Garden Pest Control : Organic & Biological Pest Control

If you are anything like us, you want to keep your organic garden free from nasty pests that damage plants like beetles and cutworms. There are many natural solutions we can use to keep our plants free from pests and not worry about harmful toxic ingredients that seep into our crop of vegetables and plants but also destroy the environment as well.

One good idea that must be utilized is allowing good bugs into your organic garden. Good bugs benefit your garden and help control infestation of the bad bugs that destroy your hard work and garden.

The most common good bug for your garden is the lady bug. The lady bug feeds on all kinds of pests like: aphids, chinch bugs, whiteflies, and mites, as well as many other soft-bodied insects and their eggs.

Another strong predatory good bug is the Cryptolaemus Beetles. These resemble the lady bug but are darker color. When they are released into the garden they seek out pests and eat them.

Wasps and bees are also important to our organic gardens. If you want to attract good bugs that eat bad bugs use plants to attract them!

Good Bugs for Organic Garden Pest Control : Organic & Biological Pest Control

Here is a inventory of plants that magnetize good bugs:

 * Alyssum

 * Butterfly weed

 * Caraway

 * Clover

 * Coriander

 * Dill

 * Fennel

 * Marigolds

 * Nasturtiums

 * Wild carrot

 * Yarrow

However, you can also purchase 'good bugs' to help keep your control pests in your garden.

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