While making the decision at the store you are already at for the miter saw you require should be well aware of the job's nature that has to be performed. You should be well aware that what is the actual need of your project either compound miter saw or sliding miter saw. As there is a huge difference between these two, a wise decision will let you have a better experience. If your project is based on heavy and thick material, also you have a good budget then sliding miter saw is your solution else you should get compound miter saw. We have discussed various models available in the market for your ease which could turn to be the best for you in terms of money and service.

1. DWS780

This models refers to the precise cutting of the board without re-calibration, also the model provide solid construction and XPS cross-cut alignment system with ultra-bright LED light that allow you to see the precise cutting of the board by casting a laser-like shadow against the blade to have a better experience. The angle adjustment is much easier with high visibility scale from 0 to 49 degrees with right and left directions. The 3800 RPM, 15-amp, bevel system and rugged stainless steel detente plates are associated to deal with rigorous nature of the job.

2. Festool kaprex KS 120

This miter saw is pro in delivering professional and precise results either at the job site or at the workshop. Dual laser guides, quick-release fences, micro-bevel adjustments and easy reference scale is available with this best miter saw. This power tool is associated with dual laser that enables accurate cut and the electric-powered three-adjustment controls makes it fine tune the lasers. Also advance technology is used that prevents accidental triggering.

3. Hitachi C10FCG

If the nature of the job is affiliated with wood, hard board, soft fiberboard, aluminium sashes, plywood and panel then this miter saw is the solution provider to all. This powerful miter saw is extra reliable and gives precise angle cuts that will surely not disappoint you with your cutting. A dust collector is also given with this power tool to keep the surrounding clean, also the elastomer grip is accompanied to stay more firm and help keeping up the control. Also five-year professional warranty is given with this miter saw, so you need not to worry regarding the system as well.

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