When it comes to telling time and telling it in class, the Rolex Submariner is one brand to reckon with. Debuted in 1953, the Submariner was then introduced to the general public in 1954 at the Basel Watch Fair. The watch is considered as a classic among watch collectors. The Rolex Submariner is part of the Perpetual and Oyster familyall under Rolex.It is well built and comes with an automatic movement and has a waterproof casing. Back then water resistance level could only reach up to 100 m but as the years advanced, they upped their game by strengthening the case. Later on a crown protection was included then it was complemented with date display. By 1980’s they added the left turning bezel. By 1988 a sapphire crystal was included and it could reach a depth of up to 300 m. 

Key Features

• Comes with a unidirectional rotatable bezel.

• Sturdy chronometer movement.

• Has an indestructible oyster chassis.

• Comes with an additional helium escape valve.

• Water resistance of up to a record depth of 300 m/ 1000 feet.

• Has a power reserve of approximately 50 hours.

• Oyster stainless steel that is corrosion resistant.

• Fitted with shock and temperature resistance capability.

• Has a luminescent capsule on the zero marker that ensures legibility however dark the environment is.

• Scratch resistant sapphire and a Cyclops lens over the date.

• Removable hologram on the back case which was featured until 2007.

The Rolex Submariner is one classical watch that is in a league of its own. In that for instance Sean Connery of the James Bond movie, wore the Submariner 6538 in his first four movies. The Submariner was solely not only picked because of its high quality workmanship but also due to its reliability, class and symbol of prestige. Three other Bond movie actors until 1988 followed suit in wearing other Rolex Submariner variances.However, the Rolex Submariner was mainly meant for divers, fishermen and people in the offshore line of work. Rolex’s main intention was to make watches for the average person; reliable, durable and affordable watches.

When it was introduced to the market, its cost was roughly 150 dollars. This was equivalent to two weeks’ salary for the average man. This in layman terms meant that it was not considered a luxury watch neither was it considered as being that expensive. By 1972, AudemarsPiguet got the chance of experiencing the first stainless steel luxury watch. The watch had a mechanical JLC movement. As much as it was a first of its kind, it was not well received by the public because it was quite costly. Rolex however turned that around by coming up with versions of the watch that had precious metals that supported quartz movements and thus up to date they have maintained their position of being a huge success in creation of sophisticated, luxurious and unique watches. Dignitaries, regular folks, deep sea divers, are but some of the people who have been donning this brand since way back.The Rolex brand is considered as one of the most famous Swiss watches ever made. Since back in the day, the Rolex Oyster case set the standard for water resistance. During the time when a diver is underwater, the bezel on the watch can be used to track the time or duration that they are underwater. The bezel can only rotate in one direction. The iconic Mercedes hour hand is a three pointed star that represents the three different methods of transportation. These are air, sea and land. In a different explanation, some have claimed that the three pointed star represented the fields that Rolex intended to conquer hence their different designs of watches. These are; Rolex Explorer (Land), Submariner (sea) and the GMT-Master (air). Although there is a different notion that the Mercedes hour hand was created in reference to the professional swimmer, Mercedes Gleitze who during her famous swim across the English Channel wore her Rolex Oyster, which continued working perfectly throughout the ten hour ordeal. Rolex has been changing its illumination since way back. Luminova, super luminova then chroma light. These are the types of lighting that Rolex has been using ever since to illuminate the watch.

In summary when it comes to a watch that can withstand a lot of resistance while looking elegant and maintaining class, the Rolex Submariner does more than stands out.

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