5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

I would like to discuss with you what the integration of a business and a mobile app can do. In this digital age, mobile apps have become a vital and inseparable part of our lives. Now think, what makes them so ‘inseparable and important’. Suppose in an emergency situation, you realize that you are out of enough cash and there aren’t any ATMs nearby, so in this scenario, your mobile app comes to your rescue. The role of mobile apps in our lives has become ineffable.

Firstly, you shouldn’t have this wrong notion in your mind that mobile apps are only for big brands like Amazon, Walmart, Bank of America etc. Many small enterprises and businesses are now having their dedicated apps given the global share of smartphones. Having a mobile app for your business will certainly take you much ahead of your competitors. In case, if you are still skeptical about whether a business really needs a mobile app or not, read these 5 reasons why and how mobile apps can enrich a business. 

1. You are visible to customers 24x7

Stats show that an average American spends a little more than 2.5 hours on his mobile device daily. If we bifurcate that further, then 86% of that time is spent on mobile apps and only 14% on browsing. Hence you can understand how important an app is for mobiles. So, having an app for business will give your customers and clients notifications about your business, and it will go unnoticed very rarely.

2. Easy to use and remember 

A mobile app, unlike a web address, doesn’t need to be remembered or explored via a search engine since the app is already installed on their device. You need to approach a mobile app development company if you want a quality app fruitful for your business.

3. Growing and Heightening your Sales 

A mobile app is sure to escalate your company’s profits to new heights and boundaries. You can promote your business by giving coupon codes, special discount offers and much more. This will motivate your customers to purchase from you, and it can also bring you new potential customers. For instance, your app can send specific discount offers to specific people based on their proximity and purchase history. Another advantage that you can leverage here is mobile payments. With no worries of cash, mobile payments will deliver money to you easily. People wouldn’t want to get out of their homes for snacks, food and groceries while the same thing can be enjoyed at their homes watching TV and streaming their favorite entertainment programs online.

4. Optimizing Business operations and processes

You can develop a dedicated app for your employees to monitor their work and ease of communications when they are on the field. This will enable an easy, secure and uninterrupted exchange of information. Hence your business will be organized and automated to a high extent.

5. You will get valuable Analytics 

Your mobile app will also allow you to leverage into analytics for making strategies in the future. You will get insight into information like how much time your customers spend on your app. Which functionalities are used most and which are used less? This will certainly help you in decision making and for future projections.


Mobile Apps have a huge potential and they guarantee you unprecedented success. I hope my points above will help you make the right choice. However one must remember that the main purpose of a tool is to solve a company or business’ issues and problems. Simultaneously your tasks should also become effortless.

Keeping this in mind, one must plan and compile a list of essential functions for a future app. A company should always strive for innovation and change to make their business relevant and make it more efficient. A mobile app adds value to your organization and helps to achieve your goals. 

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Michael Veliz
Michael Veliz

A great article, for it is a big surprise when new businesses still do not appear with obviously ready-made mobile applications for working with clients

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