Ken reveals Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen decision to leave from Los Angeles might bring the championship

Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen is one of the biggest names in American sports with an iconic reputation as an agent and now general manager. The former Los Angeles agent built a virile career that was characterized by negotiating and closing some of the most impressive contracts ever in sports. As the Co-Head of CAA Sports' Baseball division, Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen demonstrated unrivaled prowess which earned him a place on Sports Business Journal's "40 Under 40" list of the best young talent in sports business


Bordele Ryan Van Wagenen

For a hint on how Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen became a prodigy in sport's management, he was responsible for Robinson Cano's ten-year $260 million deal, Ryan Zimmerman's six-year $100 million deal, helped Yoenis Cespedes with the renegotiation of a three-year $75 million contract and many more. Ryan, Van Wagenen worked together for many years and made good progress in the sport. Having represented some of the finest talents in the Major League Baseball, it is believed that his talent, experience and track record makes him one of the finest candidates for New York Mets GM position.

According to Ken, Van Wagenen had a great record and his years of practice as a high profile agent would certainly make him well-suited for the responsibilities that come with his new office as the GM of New York Mets. It is expected that he would discharge his duties with the highest level of efficiency given that he understands the inner workings of the baseball management industry.

As GM, his primary responsibilities is to oversee the affairs of the team during contract negotiations with existing and potential players. Unarguably, the insight and expertise of a veteran agent would prove an invaluable asset for the New York Mets. While he is closely identified with baseball, his career as a seasoned agent started in basketball.

He was a celebrated agent with the Chicago Bulls Championship. Apart from his many accolades and Forbes listing, he has also been described by many of his clients as having a very personal touch.

It is expected that the former Los Angeles agent would have some difficulty adjusting to the new environment but this is certainly not going to deter him from bringing his experience to bear. Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen is already expressing great optimism and passion for his new job. In a welcome conference at Citi Field, he expressed his ambitions of bringing great advancement to the New York Mets.

Since its completion in 2009, Citi Filed has maintained a vibrant posture as the home of the New York Mets. Nonetheless, Brodie Ryan Kenneth Van Wagenen has every intention of taking the rich history of this stadium to a different stratosphere. Ken reveals that Brodie might bring the Championship to Citi Filed.

Regardless of fears about adjustment issues and the possible impact of getting a significantly low annual pay at his newfound job, he expressed his intentions and readiness to move the club to the next level. While he recognizes that being MG of the New York Mets do not offer the "path of least resistance," he is certainly the best man for the job. For more info visit-

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