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11 Best Mobile Healthcare Apps

Andy Groove 1143 10-Apr-2019

Health care is an obvious trend in the mobile technology market. There are more and more programs that allow you to monitor your well-being. Here is the list of the most useful.

1. Juice
Platform: iOS, Android. Cost: Free

This application allows users to track how much they move and whether they have enough rest. If there are certain problems with this, the program will signal and offer to set additional reminders that it is necessary to get up from behind the computer, do exercises, or go to bed on time. In addition, in the program menu, you can find useful recommendations from professional trainers and nutritionists.

The program has a nice friendly interface, which is accompanied by a fairly large number of quality-made illustrations, instructions.

2. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson
 Platform: iOS, Android. Cost: $ 2.99.

This program, developed by a renowned US sleep specialist Andrew Johnson, should help solve problems with falling asleep for those who turn for hours in bed and can't sleep. Nothing super technological: Johnson offers a set of meditative practices to overcome the stress accumulated during the day and fall asleep in just a couple of minutes. To heighten the effect, the author recommends listening to music for meditation in headphones, but at the same time looking at the display of the smartphone - the desired effect is achieved only in a bundle of visual and audio effects.

3. Steroid Sales Guide
Platform: iOS, Android. Cost: free

This program, developed by professional athletes and fitness trainers allows everyone to find the training routine, depending n your physical state and the desired effect. In the program homepage, you can select the difficulty mode and choose the part of the body you want to train. Also, you can find some recommendations from  nutritionists and find some advice on what to do in case you get trauma or have any pain.

The navigation is easy, accompanied by large amounts of videos and famous sportsmen’s interviews to motivate people to do sport.

4. Spinning
Platform: iOS, Android. Cost: Free

This application is designed for those users who regularly play sports. With it, you can track the effectiveness of certain cardio loads: from riding a stationary bike to running on a track. By entering data about the type of activity, the user can find out how the load affected his pressure, heartbeat, and weight. The calculations are, of course, approximate, but they can help to get an additional incentive for more intense training. And do not weigh yourself with numerous medical sensors.

5. Gorilla Workout
Platform: iOS, Android. Cost: $ 1

This application is aimed at those office workers who do not want to work out in the gym with a professional trainer according to an individual program. The user can simply indicate here his physical data and parameters, as well as the goal that he sets for himself, after which he will receive a training program. Information about the exercises is accompanied by a rather distinct video. When the course is successfully completed, the user can take a photo and immediately post it on Facebook or Twitter. The program allows you to do this in two clicks.

6. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
Platform: iOS only. Cost: $ 2.99.

It is known that a person’s sleep consists of phases of “fast” and “deep” sleep. It is quite easy to wake up a person during the “fast” phase, while “deep” it is not easy to do this. Moreover, to wake a person immersed in deep sleep is dangerous to health. But it is precisely the thing that traditional alarm clocks often “sin”. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is a “smart” alarm clock, it can determine which sleep phase a user is in thanks to the accelerometer built into the iPhone. It is known that during the “fast” phase, the user often turns over and sleeps in general, restless. Since the two types of phases replace each other quite often, the user of the program is asked to set on the alarm clock not the exact wake-up time, but a certain “comfortable” time period. After that, the program will decide for itself if it should sleep a little longer or wake up in advance.

7. Lose It!
Platform: iOS, Android. Cost: Free

This application is quite popular in the USA and allows you to find out how many calories a particular package of food contains and thus determine how not to go beyond the daily “limits” for those who watch their weight. To get the information you need, just scan the barcode of the product box. The program, however, recognizes well only products of Western food companies.

8. iStethoscope Pro
Platform: iOS only. Cost: $ 0.99

The application allows you to turn the iPhone into a personal compact stethoscope. It is enough to attach the index finger to the camera of the device, how the program will determine the pulse rate and even give a personalized diagram to the phone screen. The accuracy of measurements, of course, is not as high as that of professional medical devices, but sometimes such tests can suggest that there are problems with health.

For users of Android and Windows smartphones, there is an alternative in the form of the Instant Heart Rate Monitor program. It costs $ 1.99 for iOS and Windows, but is free for Android. The principle of its operation is the same as that of a competitor. Here are just graphs with a chart, this program does not issue.

9. Noom Pedometer
Platform: Android only. Cost: Free

This is one of the best mobile pedometers that have ever been developed for mobile devices. Having installed the program, it doesn’t even need to be launched: the steps taken by the user will be automatically calculated using the accelerometer. At the same time, the program increases the smartphone's battery consumption by only 2%: the majority of its competitors are much more “hungry”. For comparison: the same amount of energy a GPS module eats up usually in three minutes of use.

Once a day the pedometer gives a report on the number of steps taken per day. This is supposed to encourage more walking.

10. NHS Choices Drinks Tracker
Platform: iOS only. Cost: free

This program offers to enter into its database information about consumed cocktails and simple alcoholic beverages. It will automatically calculate the number of calories and units of alcohol in the blood. All this is necessary in order to prompt the user when to stop. In theory, this leads to a decrease in the level of consumption of alcoholic beverages.

11. Headache Diary Pro
Platform: Android, Windows Phone. Cost: $ 4

The application offers to enter data about your headaches: when they start, when they end, in what area of ​​the head is the epicenter of the pain. It is also proposed to enter information about the medicines that the user takes. All this helps the program to create an overall picture of what is happening and to give recommendations to the user to change behavior, in order to reduce pain and its negative effects on the body. The app is approved by the British Library of Health.

Updated 10-Apr-2019

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