Become A Wikipedia Expert With This Comprehensive Guide

If you search for a page of your competitor on Wikipedia then you could surely want one for yourself if you belong to the same field or industry. Today’s era is all about notability and it can be achieved in numerous ways. You could depend upon digital marketing techniques or you could be smart about it and make the most out of free platforms such as Wikipedia.

Not everyone considers Wikipedia to be an effective marketing platform but most people who have a page on this platform know its importance. Acquiring a page on Wikipedia could be done through a Wikipedia editing service or you could make one yourself, either way, the recognition you will get from Wikipedia is going to be the same but the policies should not be avoided.

However, in order to write a noteworthy article or page, here is what you should follow.

Add relevant references

A Wikipedia page without authentic references or citations is never approved. That is why make to gather authentic and credible references that are relevant to the content or whatever you are making the page for. If you cannot find any other references then extensively search on Google until you find sources, phrases, and topics that befit to the article you have written. If you think the resources are too many to remember then it is better to make a list and add all of the links to the list.

Do not forget citations

Your utmost priority for the Wikipedia page should be the citations as, without these, you will face a tough time in getting approval from the editors and moderators at Wikipedia. These citations cannot be from blog posts or personally written articles instead these needs to be media coverages from recognized coverages such as The Wall Street Journal or The Guardian. If you do not know what counts as a credible source and what does not then you can read the Wikipedia guidelines beforehand.

Make edits to other articles

To prove your relevancy, you can build an association with other editors at Wikipedia by making edits to articles similar to the one who has written or you are intending to write. This is how you will be able to get easy approval of your page. Make sure you have edited credible pages with no signs of errors or else it would bring a wrong impression on your reputation. The more pages you edit correctly, the more visible your presence will be among the editors and moderators at Wikipedia. You can use this strategy each time and it will work for you the same way.

Always edit and update

Of course, once your page is published on Wikipedia, you surely would not neglect it. Nothing stays constant and there would be aspects that need to be changed in your wiki pages. If you do not update and edit the content whenever it is necessary, it will lose the credibility it had earned. The creation of a Wikipedia page is a never-ending process that needs constant monitoring. You could hire an editor for it or you could do the monitoring yourself if you believe you have the time and dedication for it. Make sure the links, references, and citations are updated whenever required.


Getting a name on Wikipedia is no longer something elusive and it is easily acquired however, that does not mean the rules will be completely neglected. The process of creating a Wikipedia page is still extensive and takes a lot of effort to be worthy of approval by the moderators at Wikipedia.

Last updated:4/9/2019 1:31:35 PM
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