Technological Funds in Luxembourg that Make its Financial Environment Unique

Known for its financial industry, strong tax foundations, and banking laws, Luxembourg’s next aim is to transform itself into a technological hub. Government of the country has named Information and Communications Technology as one of the five pillars for Luxembourg’s development. While upgradation of data centers and beginning of Luxconnect has managed to attract a reasonable number of accelerator programs and international companies, the technological funds have re-defined the climate of Luxembourg. Here is the list of such investment companies that are fueling new-age technical ventures:

Mangrove Capital Partners

A venture capital firm, Mangrove Capital is known for its rich portfolio and keen eye for entrepreneurial ventures that are centered on disruptive technologies of the future. Recently, the company led the seed round of Sybel, world’s first platform for high quality audio content. Identifying the suitable startup to invest in the podcast niche after more than a year of rigorous search, Mangrove understood the capabilities, vision, and potential of Sybel. The fact that audio input are going to dominate device operations in the future along with the increasing investments in smart speakers, Sybel is expected to make a market for itself in the podcast domain.

Boundary Holding

Founded by Rajat Khare, Boundary Holding is a unique bridge fund that invests in new-age startups that are working on next generation technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithmic trading, and Internet of Things. Currently on the lookout for a venture with a path breaking concept, their last investment stint involved XRVision. A Singapore-based facial recognition and video analytics startup, the funds from Boundary Holding will be used by the company to enhance their resources, accuracy, infrastructure, and market capabilities.

Adara Ventures

Another venture capital firm, Adara Ventures is known to invest in Business-to-Business models of companies that operate in the domain of data and cyberspace, especially cloud infrastructure. Recognizing a leading name’s cybersecurity innovations, CounterCraft received $3 million euros in fuding from different companies including Adara Ventures, Orza, Wyra, and others. This made CounterCraft, the first company to receive combined support from private and public investors, thereby corroborating to the return of investment of leading firms like Adara.

With many more similar funds, new startups from across the world have an open platform to showcase their vision and breakthroughs. All that’s needed is to shine on the eagle radar of Luxembourg-based investors and who knows, an unknown startup of yesterday just might turn out to become the new, inspirational success story of tomorrow.  

Last updated:4/8/2019 12:54:19 AM


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