What are the different types of Business Emails?

What are the different types of Business Emails?

Emails in today's time are one of the most important and valuable sources of communication with the clients or within the organisation. Business Emails are rapidly gaining popularity, as they are useful in reducing the time and efforts involved in communication which can be invested in other things to increase the productivity and boost the profitability. There are a few things that you should know for making wise use of this service. Given below are different types of emails used in business that you must know along with knowing where to use them: -

Transactional - Transactional emails convey information like sending receipts and confirmations to the clients or customers. It is one of the simple types of business emails, but there are many features that you can add to it for making it effective from the business point of view. As you already have a reader’s attention while reading the mail, it is a perfect time to hit the hammer, i.e. to share more information about the service or product recommendations that the user may also be interested in based on the previous purchase or interest.

Newsletters - These are the most popular type of emails that most companies prefer. It generally consists of a blog or content that has information about the company, sometimes links curated from other companies or both. It may also include details of the upcoming events of the company or seminars held by it along with other useful updates for the readers. These are most valuable and relevant to the audience and are sent consistently, i.e. on a daily or weekly basis. Most of the companies or brands prefer mailing them on weekday mornings.

Standalone - Standalone emails are dedicated to just one topic and put the call to front and centre so that the reader's attention does not divert to other topics and they are more likely to act in a way you want them to. These emails focus on a specific target and do not weaken the main call to action. There are no chances for a reader to skip any detail like it happens when two or three links are mentioned, and the readers often skim through the email and move on because there was no option to come back. This kind of Business Email is the best option to drive the customer to the main goal gradually.

Milestone - They are sent on birthday, anniversary or other special occasions and are a great option to attract the customer’s attention, i.e. subscription anniversary or company anniversary. This type of email can be made even better by combining it with special promotions or offers.

Lead Nurturing - These emails are a kind of email sequences which requires setting up the series at once. If it's successfully created, then it is delivered to the sales team without much work on hand. These emails are sent over a period of time, such as several days or weeks. This automated series of helpful content saves a lot of time and energy of the team.

● Mobile Optimized- In today’s world, most users rely on their mobile phones greatly, and there is hardly any work that they prefer doing on our computers. These small devices influence lives and affect the email services too. Researchers say that more than half of the world's population check their emails on the mobile. Thus, it's necessary to consider that if the email is mobile optimised. No matter how great the content is, if it does not fit on the mobile, then most users won't bother to read it.

Plain Text- Plain text emails are great for event invitations, blog content, surveys, or even taking feedbacks. If one wishes to send fancily formatted emails, then plainer emails could be a good option to consider. Choosing text-only messages, simplified emails and including some images are enough to make the email attractive and boost the open and click-through rates.

Each type of business email mentioned above has its own benefits when it's being used. Thus, it depends on you how you use it, but you must incorporate it in your business schemes or policies to attract the customers or clients. A business email is indeed a great digital marketing tool and with its wide range of benefits is worth the consideration.

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