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Why ionic app development is quick-pick for mobile apps?

Why ionic app development is quick-pick for mobile apps?

Jessica Smith 1359 21-Oct-2019

It is generally considered a difficult decision to not put a load on pockets and get high-quality designing. There are too many frameworks known for app development providing impeccable performance.

In an earlier time, companies favor native app development for building mobile applications due to high -quality performance and easy development. But the scenario has changed since the introduction of the Ionic app development framework in the mobile app development sphere. This cross-platform app development framework has modernized the app development at present in the market.

Introduction to ionic

It is an open-source app development framework that is based on HTML5. The ionic framework facilitates building hybrid applications. The focal point of ionic is UI and feel of the applications, thus enabling to build beautiful applications. It was created by 3 developers namely Max Lynch, Ben Sperry, and Adam Bradley in the year 2013. It furnishes components for developing apps for mobile, desktop. It focuses on the front user experience of the application.

Listed below are the top reasons for developers to pick Ionic framework

• Open source:

Ionic is an open-source and reliable framework that gives native feels. Ionic framework is open source and cost nothing as compared to other frameworks that are not easy on pockets for the developers. It is very easy to learn to develop apps using ionic frameworks.

• The first choice of developers:

Ionic development offers a hassle-free development process. It has various ready to use components that eliminate the need for intense coding. There are several elements such as forms, filters, navigation menu, tab bars, and other elements that are readily available to use in designing app.

• Cross-platform:

Ionic framework uses one code for the creation of applications for various platforms such as for android IOs, and desktop and also be used for web applications.

• Simplicity:

Ionic apps are simple and elegant. It provides multiple lucrative functions such as ready to use pre-designed components, typography, and attractive layout to build aesthetic applications.

• Standard technologies:

The Ionic framework is based on the latest and standards technologies such as HTML. CSS, and Java scripts with custom elements, thus it has stable APIs.

• Simple apps:

The ionic apps are created keeping in mind to keep it simple. Ionic frameworks facilitate developers building apps that are enjoyable, simple to learn and that can be accessed by anyone who equips web development skills.

• Extensive community:

the Ionic framework is built on the Cordova and Angular that have very vast communities. The newly emerged technology often appears hard for the developers to work with, and Ionic frameworks are based on such a hassle as it is built on such widely used technologies. The developers' queries and questions can be posted and asked in forums that are answered by the communities.

• License-free:

As ionic is an open-source framework and available to the developers under permission of MIT license, it is available free for the candidates using the Ionic for personal as well as professional use.

• Cordova plugins:

In Ionic app development, Cordova plugins are used that provide enhanced functionalities similar to the native applications. Cordova plugins provide access to various multiple components such as a battery, camera, access to log and many more functions. It is very advantageous for Ionic app development.

• Use of one code for multiple platforms:

Building native apps for ios and android platforms takes a good amount of time and coding efforts by the developers. The ionic framework facilitates the developers to build high-end cross-platforms applications with multiple functionalities and reuse the code for building cross-platform applications. Code that can be used for building apps for multiple platforms takes a significant amount of time and struggle for developers.

• Easy testing:

With Ionic development, app testing becomes an easy task as it can be performed on a desktop or similar testing using Cordova plugins. It enables developers to test apps on the mobile browsers in safari and even runs apps for testing in actual native and hybrid environment. to view how an app will work.

• User interface:

In the mobile app development speaker, hybrid applications were referred to as apps with unpleasant appearances. but the introduction of the ionic app has changed the view. It facilitates apps with high standards of user interface elements to build beautiful applications with interesting features.

Wrapping up:

In the present mobile app development, the Ionic framework is becoming popular and increasingly being used for building applications for businesses. The number of startups and companies are favoring ionic framework to create an app at reduced budgets.

Jessica Smith is a passionate App Developer & Technical content writer who writes articles related to jobs and career opportunities in various profiles. She also writes about varied topics such as education, mobile app development, web development, business and technology & gadgets.

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