3 Successful Chatbot Examples To Grow Your Business

3 Successful Chatbot Examples To Grow Your Business

Digital problems need digital solutions, and it’s an undeniable fact that not being available online for your customers 24/7 is an issue. The 24/7 availability has always been an issue for business owners because, first of all, who can stay active all day long without going offline even for a bit? And on the other hand, making your customers wait and taking too much time to respond to their queries can be a serious turn-off. Well, yes, this has been a problem, and yet it is, but then thanks to the technology that we now have a solution. The solution that we are talking about here is the use of Chatbots. 

Yes, you read that right! Chatbots are the only solution to this problem, and we must say that it’s one of the smartest investments to make if you want your business to grow. Look around, and you will see that almost all the companies and reputable brands have started using Chatbots and made them a part of their marketing strategies. These Chatbots aren’t only here to fix the “timely response” issue, in fact, they are also being used for SEO, lead generation, and ad targeting. 

There are several Convertobot Chatbot Examples that you can take some inspiration from. In fact, today, even though we are here for the same purpose. We are here to tell you about some of the best and the most successful Chatbot examples that can help you grow your business. 

1- Design A Personalized Messenger Chatbot Experience 

It’s quite tricky to get the qualified users to opt in for anything that you want to. What makes it even trickier is the fact that there are people who try to use click baits and deceiving language. All of this tactic can lead to confusion among your users, and ultimately they will unsubscribe. The point is that you are supposed to be honest with your users and what they are signing up for. In the beginning, this will bring down your conversion figure, but at the end of the day, you will have the customers that will stick with you till the end. For this, you can include a “sign me up!” button. Just make sure to use a succinct message along with a simple opt in button, if you really want a loyal audience. 

2- Personalize All The Messenger Conversations Just Like You Would Email 

A lot of people think that Chatbots lack personalization, which is true to some extent. But if you use the right tactics, these bots can personalize in a better way than the emails. There are Chatbots that offer several different features and options that can help you add a personalized touch in your conversations. For example, just like with emails, you can always create segments, create groups that get your messages, and you can even schedule your posts. 

3- Offer Exclusive Content To Your Inside Users 

Want to drive more leads for your business? All you need to do is to opt for exclusive content for your “inside” people. When we say “Exclusive content”, we are talking about long eBooks and something like cheat sheets or guides that can come in handy to your users. You need to make them feel special, and this is a great way to do that. For this, you need to create quick questions for your users. Give them a single option to respond to make this whole process easier and then give them exclusive offers based on their answers. 


These are some of the most successful Chatbot examples that we have jotted down for you. These examples can help grow your business to a whole another level, so make sure to consider all of what we said, and we assure you that you will also witness some great results once you invest in Chatbots. 

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