Apple iOS 13 Features And Version-Release Updates

Apple iOS 13 Features And Version-Release Updates

The face of Augmented Reality app development gone change as Apple downright it's OS iOS 13. This new mobile operating system is focused on lighted privacy and speed. 

The focus is exclusively on performance so that with iOS used daily on more than millions of iPhones and iPads. iOS 13 comes with a suite of new features across its core functionality and other improvements. 

iOS 13’s features will change the iPhone app development services. So Let’s discuss features of iOS 13 features and also ARKit 3 - Augmented Reality features. 

Features of ARKit 3 - Augmented Reality App Development: 

People Obstruction: 

  • People Obstruction offers a sensory experience for users and makes the development process easy for the developers.
  • These make it possible to mix virtual objects and people in the same AR scene.
  • ARKit 3 is able to understand people’s location as where they are and in which position so that they appear in front of them thus partially obscuring them.

ARKit 3:

An announcement done by Apple is the latest update to its AR platform with ARKit 3 and with its latest release provides major features that include People Obstruction, Capture, Motion, Multiple face tracking, Parallel use of front and back camera and more. 

Multiple Face Tracking:

ARKit face tracking tracks up to three faces at once using the TureDepth Camera on iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPad Pro, iPhone X to empower front-facing camera experiences like Snapchat and Memoji. 

Motion Capture:

  •   A way for the developers to use movement and pose in real-time as input for AR experience with the camera and by placing the people at the center of AR. 
  • These help to understand the accurate position of body and movement as a series of joints and bones.

Parallel front and back camera:

  • With these users can now simultaneously use face and world tracking on both front and back cameras. 
  • Users can interact with AR content using their faces in the back camera view.

Features of iOS 13:

  • The Software Engineering Craig Federighi announced that the updated OS is remarkably faster and data-conscious.
  • As per the promise shared by Apple iOS 13 will be the fastest OS so far.
  • Apple promises several features like now Face ID will unlock faster and those apps will launch twice as fast in iOS 13.

Dark Mode:

  • The biggest visual update to Apple’s OS and the most anticipated change is the Dark Mode.
  • Notifications and Apple’s first-party apps are supported now and dark hues to go with it.
  • iOS 13 offers a true, system-wide dark mode.

Swiping KeyBoard:

With its Quick Path, Apple is finally getting in tune. Quick Path keyboard is a swiping function.


  • By pushing AI itegration Apple tries to helping as reminders will automatically suggest that what needs to be reminded and more. 
  • iOS 13 will give you all options ‘ Today ‘, ‘Flagged’,‘ Scheduled’ and ‘All’ filtering options that help to sort the tasks along with a new visual look.

Apple Maps:

  • New maps will be available in select cities and states, and also will roll out across the US by the end of 2019 and internationally in 2020.
  • Rebuilt the app from the ground up and Apple Maps with iOS 13 with more extensive map data


The new features of the Home kit are designed to protect the security and privacy inside of the home.

These Home-kit enable the routers that ensure that users router can put a firewall around the Homekit device to keep interlopers from achieving access to smart devices.

Through the Homekit feature, Apple has announced support for the camera.


Creation of iMessage profile, Memoji or Animoji profile picture, and complete with a photo all allowed by Apple.

Update on Apple Mail, Safari and Notes:

Notes are now a new gallery view to look at your notes at once. The core applications on iOS 13 are set to get the desktop formatting.

iOS release beta version of iOS 13 at WWDC on 3rd June 2019 but the public version is yet to release and expected to fall 2019.

With these Apple iOS update, there are a number of new features will come that changes the view.

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