Tips for Planning a Wedding Gift on a Budget

Getting invited to a wedding is always exciting. However, being a guest may also be a bit stressful and costly too since you have to plan on clothes, travel and of course, the wedding gift to give for the couple.
For a wedding gift, the goal is to give the happy couple something that they will surely appreciate. However, if you’re on a tight budget, planning a wedding gift may be a bit burdensome considering that you might be thinking that a perfect wedding gift is always the expensive one. But you can give a special and perfect wedding gift for the bride and groom without spoiling your budget too much.
Here are some tips to consider to plan for the perfect yet budget-friendly wedding gift that you can give the couple.
1.    Go for the wedding gifts that they can practically use.
Come to think of it, the couple might spend a lot on the wedding alone so it’s the best idea to give them a practical gift that they can use such as pots, kitchen utensils, silverware, Chinaware, embroidered linens, blankets, pillowcases, doormats, some beautiful decorations or wall paintings for their new house. There are also some affordable appliances, such as a toaster, coffee maker or juicer, to purchase that they can surely use in the future.
In this case, the couple can also save financially since they don’t need to buy these things anymore.
2.    Go for personalized wedding gifts.
You can opt to buy an affordable wedding gift and make it extra special by personalizing or customizing it. There are so many possibilities for this including buying a set of adorable mugs or cooking aprons and engrave the couple’s names, initials, their wedding date or maybe the day when they first met or they became together. Buying a beautiful yet budget-friendly picture frame and adding their memorable picture together, their wedding invitation or maybe their names is also a good idea. Be more creative in thinking about how your gift can stand out and become special without overspending too much.
The wedding gift, whether it’s a big or a small gift, the couple will appreciate it for the effort.
3.    Go for experience-based gifts.
You’re on a budget but you still want your wedding gift to be different from the others then why not offer them a gift of an experience that they will surely enjoy together? Check out the activities that they both like to do together or look for some inexpensive experience-based gift. A membership for the couple to a recreation center where they can swim or work out together, TV Subscriptions like Netflix gift cards that they can use to marathon their favorite series as they cuddle together, restaurant gift certificates for a date night or a massage gift card for the couple so that they can unwind and relax after their wedding.
Giving them gift cards as a wedding gift is also a brilliant idea. Aside from you not spending too much, you also make the happy couple spend more time together.
4.    Go for dinner date food basket wedding gift.
Plan a perfect dinner for two for the newlywed couple by wrapping some ingredients or related items that will be useful for them in a basket. Buy a package of dried pasta, a jar of their favorite pasta sauce, a small amount of gift card to a local bakery store for bread and add some candles. If there’s an extra on the budget then try to add an inexpensive bottle of wine.
5.    Go for group wedding gifts.
If you’re on a budget but still want to give the groom and the bride an expensive wedding gifts like Tiffany & Co. women’s necklace for the bride and Omega men’s watches for the groom then try to find some people close to the couple to help you find the gift that you desire to present to them. Team up with the groom and the bride’s friends, colleagues, or even some family members to do contributions until the funds needed for the desired wedding gifts are reached.
Sometimes the best gifts are not usually expensive things but the things that they will appreciate the most. For the bride and the groom, they already appreciate you by making time to witness one of the most memorable days of their lives. Don’t stress yourself too much thinking about what wedding gift to give because whatever gift you give them, whether it’s a small or a big gift, what’s important is it’s from your heart.

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