Potential Consequence of Hidden Water Leak

Water leak is a common problem that often occurs in most buildings, whether it is a house or an office. A water leak doesn’t always easy to spot. Sometimes it can be hidden and hard to detect, because the leak is so small. However, it doesn’t matter how small or big the size of the leak is, it will always bring disadvantage not only to the building itself but also to your well-being.

A leaking pipe can certainly lead to a water pipe bursts that will cause the existence of standing water. Discovering the presence of standing water in your house or office will be a total nightmare, particularly if there are valuable belongings nearby. You need to remove the water quickly and fix the leak as soon as possible, before it will make a serious flooding in the room. However, it will be a different case if you cannot identify where the leak exists. You may need to look around under the sink or on every side of the pipes in the area where you find the flood, to discover the problem sources. If you are still unable to find the hole, we highly recommend you to call for assistance from professionals like leak detection Brisbane to help you find the leak quickly and to fix it before the unwanted consequences happen.

If the hidden water leak isn’t quickly addressed, it will cost you an arm and a leg to fix the trouble and get rid of its impacts. The potential consequences that can be triggered are:

1. The existence of mold and fungal
A water pipe burst will certainly bring moistures to the surrounding area. A wet or damp materials or areas are the perfect place for the breeding of mold and fungal. If you leave the leak remain unfixed, and then these organisms will potentially build its “kingdom” in your building and cause other unwanted damages, like ruining your property or producing unpleasant smells in your building.
2. Harms on people in the building
The existence of mold and fungal that is provoked by the unfixed leaking pipes will certainly put everyone’s health in jeopardy. Those bacteria will certainly contaminate the building, including the air and the water. These contribute to provoke the common symptoms of illness like coughing, nasal congestion, sneezing or difficulty of breathing. It could also lead to the worse scenario like developing asthma.

Moreover, it can’t only risk the health but also the safety of people in the building. Someone can potentially fall and slip because of the standing water. It can even get more dangerous if the standing water covers the electrical outlets and devices. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest to get rid of the water leak quickly.

3. Decreasing of property value
The water damage can reduce the value of a property, because although you have removed the damage, there are obviously other impacts left in the building. People tend to pay a lower price for a house which has a history of water damage. Therefore, it is essential to fix the water leak straight away to reduce the potential water damage and to keep the worth of your property high.

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