Do You Know These Habits Are Making You Overweight?

Why do I put on weight despite all the efforts I am putting into? If this is the question you have been haunting by then you have clicked on the right source of information. Obesity or being overweight is turning into a global problem. The reason is simple. People are running but not on the joggers’ street or trade mill. Instead, they are running in a rat race to achieve professional goals. A sedimentary lifestyle is one of the biggest reasons why people are unable to achieve the perfect body weight and structure.

When your calorie intake is higher than losing calories during physical activities, you start to put on weight. Apart from that, there are other reasons or factors present that increase your risk of becoming overweight. We are going to see these factors one by one. Let’s get started!

Poor diet

High-calorie foods such as fast foods, fizzy drinks, and fatty foods contribute to making one obese. One bowl of candy or dessert harms your body in ways you cannot even imagine. But it is easier and tastier to grab candies or sugary stuff than having some raw veggies or fruits for snacking but we hardly have time to think about it.


As mentioned above, a sedimentary lifestyle will never allow you to have a leaner body. If you wish to make the difference, you need to get moving. Incorporate easy exercise methods to shed those extra pounds. In fact, you can do it by making smaller changes such as taking steps rather than the escalator.

Psychological Factors

Emotional eating is a term and it is scientifically proven as well. people, when stressed, tend to eat more than they need. In the name of comfort food, people go on munching fatty foods or sugary stuff which, of course, elevates the mood but has long-lasting ill effects on your body.

Eating disorders

People are still not ready to believe that there is something called as an eating disorder. However, the truth is certain eating disorders can make you eat way too much and thus creating weight related issues. You need to see a doctor at the earliest to solve the problem in its initial stage.


Obesity runs in families. And yes it is true. Like a health issues, especially a genetic disorder, obesity passes from one generation to another. If your parents are obese, your chances of being overweight increase approximately by 30%.

Age and gender

Women are less prone to burn fat than men as they are less muscular as compared to males. Along with it, your age plays a vital role in deciding your body weight. As you grow, the muscles in your body tend to decrease and thus one might become obese or overweight.


The high nicotine levels in your body actually help you burn more calories but the real problem starts when you stop smoking. Low levels of nicotine interfere with the calorie burning process and hence one becomes overweight.

Apart from all these factors, there are certain medical conditions such as hormonal imbalance or pregnancy that cause an increase in weight. By maintaining a healthy diet and a good amount of physical activity can keep you healthy with a leaner body.

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