Keep It Simple for Customer Happiness

Technology is probably the best gift of the 21st century. Life is simpler and easier. However, marketing has become complicated; thanks to the innumerable words and terms including SEO, mobile marketing and many others bombarding online marketing techniques. Customer distraction and disloyalty makes it all the more challenging. An advertisement offering a better deal distracts and pushes customers to give up their current brand for a new one.

Capturing Customer Attention

In a bid to hook customers, marketers often resort to relentless and ill conceived efforts. Slicing each and every impression across multiple channels is not overpowering, but overwhelming. What’s more, it also drives away customers, instead of enticing them.

Keep It Simple for Customer Happiness

So, keep it simple. Here are some tips that marketers can follow to simplify their online marketing efforts, while creating a powerful impact.
•    This is the information age. Relevant information entices customers more than colors and effects. Content is king. Compelling ads with real time relevant content that customers would like to engage with is the key to success.
•    Today’s customers require choice and control. Make it easy and user friendly. Allow the customers to click, view and engage without stumbling over irrelevant roadblocks. Grant users the control to initiate, start and stop online engagement, while providing them with an enriching experience.
•    Marketing channels have grown significantly. What was restricted to print, audio and visual media has now widened to include mobiles, tablets and laptops. Designing and managing independent strategies for each channel is overwhelming and challenging. Creating a universal digital marketing strategy and tweaking it to match specific channels is simple and easy.

Keep It Simple for Customer Happiness

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