Where does SiaCoin stands in the cluster of cryptocurrencies?

Plenty of currencies form and dilute in short span of time, but very few of them stay and excel. SiaCoin is one of them without any doubt. SiaCoin is a blockchain based cloud platform. Transfer of authority from a central entity to more and more local, and the idea is getting popularity because it helps you to get rid of the restrictive nature of the services that leads to data leaks. SiaCoin is one of the most praised as well as prominent company that deals in providing the solutions for decentralized storage.

It administers you with encryption keys to your own data and no mediator is involved who in any circumstances can get access to your data which was the case with the classical cloud storage services. This is the reason why SiaCoin is said to be one of the most private and secure cloud storage service provider.

Getting started with the mining of SiaCoin

Investors are paid for the transactions of SiaCoin, cryptocurrency of the parent company Sia. And like other companies, Sia also relies on its’ miners who take care of the running and supply of the computing power to the network. These miners are paid for their contribution. The extent of privacy, good ranking in the market and a reliable exceptional encryption, altogether has attracted a significant number of miners.

To get the best out of the SiaCoin mining, one needs to use the appropriate hardware. The best available options for the hardware are

Obelisk SC1- It is a SiaCoin mining hardware that uses ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technique. It surpasses any named GPU in its’ performance. The hashrate that it provides for mining is 300 GH/s.

Nvidia GTX 1080 Series- It has made its’ special place among the miners as it consumes so less power and helps the miners to make up to 500 SiaCoin in a day.

What have the experts to say of the current whereabouts of SiaCoin?

SiaCoin has repeatedly been in news for its’ volatile performance in the cryptocurrency charts. Though SiaCoin encountered a steep decline according to the recent numerical details, but looking to the path track that SiaCoin has always followed, the market is still lucrative. A commendable hike is destined for SiaCoin.

The current picture definitely shows a positive picture. SiaCoin have already started climbing the chart. The recent updates show that SiaCoin has included Goobox that will operate under SiaCoin’s network, which has given a considerable price surge. With the introduction of Goobox, price of SiaCoin has increased twofold.

After the 85 percent decline from its’ peak price of $0.09, to recover from the repercussions, SiaCoin announced hardware outside the firm will be used for mining that altered Sia’s Proof of Work algorithm. This was activated from October 31 2018. But this stringent decision was taken by the Sia community as a discouragement for the mining investors. But, notwithstanding the reactions that this decision got, SiaCoin experienced significant gains in the market.

Not only this, SiaCoin has planned some great approaches in the year 2019. It is planning to get into whole new world in terms of network. It had mapped all the roads and have raised the bar so high to provide 300 percent faster network. The team is working round the clock for its’ implementation and is giving cut throat competition to the giants of network like Amazon S3. Not only good competition, but it will urge people to shift from these renowned Amazon S3 services or any other giant because due to their big brand value, people not only had to pay for the service but also for marketers, reputation etc. which is not in the case of Sia’s network. This will make it less expensive for people and will enable to switch their service. Certainly it will give a good push to the value of the SiaCoincryptocurrency.

What does the statistics predict about the performance of the SiaCoin price?

After verifying the upgradations that SiaCoin (SC) going to update or have already updates, let’s see what statics have to say about its’ future. The market forecasts for SiaCoin have always remained optimistic. But for the very longer run, one cannot exactly predict whether something out of the blue pops up. With the arrival of the year 2019, SiaCoin have collaborated with more and more projects like Blockstack and RNDR, that will help SiaCoin to overcome any kind of milestone that may occur in the years. The other news of the upcoming ventures like Netflix shaking hands with SiaCoin will accelerate the rate at which the value SiaCoin price is rising. The current rank of SiaCoin being 68 speaks for itself with the current price at $0.001515 and would be definitely soaring up when you will be reading this article.

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