Discussion Board Post

Discussion Board Post

A discussion board is a “space” where students can further delve into classroom content. It can promote collaboration, and offer individuals room to explore topics, issues, and/or questions.

The discussion board post is an excellent tool for students who may feel more comfortable expressing their understanding of course content in a written format, as opposed to verbally.

Discussion boards can also be used to further employ the resources of the Internet by allowing

students to include hyperlinks to relevant content. Since discussion boards are asynchronous, they offer an opportunity for conversation that again cannot be found within the classroom environment.

What makes a good discussion board topic?

The ideal discussion board topic should always facilitate learning opportunities. It should ideally

1) Address the course content

2) Reveal your own understanding of that content

3) Promote peer interaction.

Tips for writing a good discussion thread

• The Three Part Post (Developed by Dr. Judith Boettcher, Executive Director of the

Corporation for Research and Educational Networking)

• If the discussion question asks you to respond to an open-ended query pertaining to a

particular problem, challenge, or idea, a good thread will incorporate three parts:

o Part 1: State what you’re considered thought or recommendation might be. In other words, answer the question, “What do you think?”

o Part 2: State why you think what you think. Examine your own experiences, beliefs, or knowledge. It is also a good place to provide references, textual quotations, and/or links to materials that reinforce your opinion.

o Part 3: State what you wish you knew or directly solicit the opinion of classmates (in other words, ask a question!)

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