India is embracing the digital revolution and the country is more than eager to implement data driven solutions. The official stand of the government regarding digitalization is very strong and with projects like the Digital India Platform, eSign Framework and eHospital, the process of digital transformation has already made a headway.

But what this means for the millions of Indian youth? There is already an existing unemployment problem hurting them and recent studies like that of Aspiring Minds suggest only 2.5% of India’s Engineering graduates has the necessary skills to seek employment in the digital economy!

Significance of digital skills

In such a backdrop, the necessity for Indian workforce to acquire in-demand technological skills is overwhelming. Skills in digital technologies like Data analytics, Big data engineering, Machine Learning and AI have a huge demand in various industrial sectors and given the wave of digitalization disrupting every possible industry, individuals skilled in such technologies are bound to achieve great success!

Why data analytics? 

Data analytics in particular has created a field of lucrative career opportunities in India. A Data analytics training in Indian cities like Bangalore or Delhi offers promising New-Age careers like HR Analytics leader, Web Analytics developer, Information Architect and Cloud Architect. Here are some other advantages offered by data analytics:

In high demand and it is gradually increasing

Data analytics is the most in-demand skill in a digital economy. Without data analytics companies cannot make sense of the huge volume of data sets they acquire. Getting insights from Petabytes (1 PB= 1million GB) of unstructured data requires the advanced skills of a professional data analyst and thus, companies are in search of skilled analysts continuously. Interestingly analytics alone generates a lot of good employment and 97,000 of such jobs went vacant in 2019 in India!

Choose your field of interest

Data analytics lets you choose your own field of interest as it is applicable in a multitude of fields. In India, industrial sectors like e-commerce, ICT and Banking has a huge demand of data analysts. Healthcare too has emerged as a top recruiter of analysts given the increasing advantages of implementing digital solutions in healthcare facilities.

Data analysts are highly paid and highly revered

A data analytics professional forms the core of a business’s or an organization’s data driven strategy. This is why data analytics jobs offer handsome remunerations. For instance, at present a data analyst in India earns around Rs 6 lakh yearly according to PayScale. A data analyst is also highly revered because of his or her expertise on cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and IoT.

Looking for a stable and secure career? Data analytics is perhaps the best option you’ve got!

Digitalization will invariably bid goodbye to a lot of traditional jobs. Data driven automation is in trend now and no skill is as future proof as data analytics. So, get yourself enrolled in a good data analytics training course now and start earning data analytics skills today!

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