Furniture Donation Pickup: Tips and Advice

Furniture Donation Pickup: Tips and Advice

Are you thinking of replacing your old furniture with a new one? If yes then why not donate the old furniture instead of throwing it away or letting it sit until it turns into junk? By donating your old furniture, you will be helping several needy people out there, and on top of it all, the whole process is more comfortable now. Moreover, you can also enjoy a tax deduction for your furniture donation by helping people in need.

So, If you have furniture in a useable condition or some old furniture, you no longer want, but it can be fit for donating. Then you can easily donate furniture to any reputable charity organization. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about finding such organizations or furniture donation pickup in your area. 

We are here to guide you with the whole process that will help you unload and donate furniture

1. Find local charity

For convenience, you need to search for local charities at first who don’t have strict rules and restrictions for donation acceptance. As several local organizations have donation pickup programs. So, we recommend you to look for such organizations that provide a sort of free donation pickup facilities. After finding a local charity organization, you need to schedule a pickup time and make sure that someone must be available at the time when the pickup service arrives.

2. Suitable furniture for donation

 It is most important to consider that the furniture you are donating should not be damaged or unusable. Charities did not accept all types of furniture donations. So, before giving furniture, you have to ensure that your donation will be accepted. If your furniture goods are in poor shape or have defected, then you will not be eligible for donation. It is most important to check the donation requirements of charity organizations. Because if you don’t follow the rules restrictions of organization, then most probably your donation can be rejected by the donation recipient. So, make sure your furniture must be in excellent working condition and free from any stains or cracks. It would be so embarrassing for anyone to accept furniture goods in poor condition. It is not a way of furniture donation but a way of insulting others. Above all, you have to evaluate what you can donate and what you cannot donate! It will prevent you from any embarrassment or insult. 

3. Tax deduction

You will be surprised to know that you can get a tax deduction by donating furniture. If you want your tax deducted, then be sure to record the value of the furniture items you are going to give. The total cost of all things you donate must exceed $5000 to fill out IRS form 8283 for a tax deduction.

Almost half of the population in Pakistan is in dire need of furniture donations. You can help those families or struggling students or individuals to grow by donating your old or unused useable furniture you no longer want. You never know how your donated desk, chairs, or electronics can help struggling students in achieving success. Many people approach local charities for clothing, household goods, books, or magazines. They will gladly accept your gently used furniture items. Your donations will help them to grow and to go forward in life. 


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Mitchel Clark

Mitchel Clark

Mitchel Clark is a freelance writer who offers blogging, ghostwriting and copywriting services. He works closely with businesses providing digital marketing solution that increases brand awareness and search engine visibility.


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