Quickly deploy a LoRa gateway with LoRa Gateway Developer kit

Quickly deploy a LoRa gateway with LoRa Gateway Developer kit

Lora is a great technology with a lot of potentials, a perfect long-range wireless solution, especially because anyone can set up a network and get started building a long-range IoT network with a relatively small investment. We hope our LoRa Gateway Developer kit will help you get started and would love to see what you build with LoRa technology. LoRa Gateway Kit based on Raspberry Pi and RAK831, 433/868/915MHz, Semtech SX1301, half-duplex gateway module help you realize the whole LoRa system development.

Introduction of LoRa Gateway Developer kit

The topmost module RAK831 is targeted for a huge variety of applications like Smart Metering, IoT and M2M applications. LoRa Gateway Kit for Raspberry Pi3 with cellular connectivity is designed for license-sub-gigahertz radio frequency bands like 868 MHz and 915 MHz. As RAK831 is one of the best multi-channel high-performance Transmitter/receiver module designed to receive several LoRa packets simultaneously using different spreading factors on multiple channels. LoRa gateway supporting 10 channels (8 downlinks, 1 uplink, and 1 FSK channel). 

Lets set up a LoRa gateway features cellular mobile network connection anywhere on the field. IT can be integrated into a gateway as a complete RF front end of this gateway. It gives the chance to enable robust communication between a LoRa gateway and a huge amount of LoRa end-nodes spread over a wide range of distance. It needs a host system for proper operation. For the outdoor customized Original Raspberry Pi 5.1V-2.5A, the power supply comes with the kit to secure outdoor placement with ease. It requires the attachable high-gain outdoor antennas will help you communicate multiple long-range LoRa nodes.

Quickly deploy a LoRa gateway with LoRa Gateway Developer kit

The RAK Wireless has the potential of multi-node communication all running in a non-intimidating, hackable Raspberry Pi environment. As our basic LoRa gateway bonnet, this chipset can support all 8 channels, so it can handle multiple clients, on different LoRa channels, without having to do any code tweaks. The RAK831 needs a host system like Raspberry Pi or WisAP or WisCam for proper operation. In LoRa Gateway Kit, the main processor can be a PC or MCU that will be connected to RAK831 via USB or SPI RAK831 can receive up to 8 LoRa packets at once sent with different spreading factors on different channels. The individual capability allows implementing innovative network architectures advantageous over other short-range systems. End-point nodes can change the frequency with each transmission in a random pattern. This provides vast improvement of the system robustness in terms of interferer immunity and radio channel diversity. Mainly the local version of LoRa network server running under Windows so it does not need an external network connection. We create a self-contained demo network that makes testing the LoRa network quick and easy.

TF Card details

It contains all the necessary drivers and TTN gateway code pre-installed for developers to get their gateways up and running in no time.

Benefits of using this board

● Developers need not go through tons of documents to get their gateway setup. This card has all the software included to start right from day one

● Test commands for gateway components are pre-built and ready to be used out of the box.

● Note: Developers are encouraged to open an account on the TTN website and change the configuration parameters as per need.

Quickly deploy a LoRa gateway with LoRa Gateway Developer kit

Main Features

1. Fully assembled LoRa Gateway Kit for Raspberry Pi

2. LoRa Gateway HAT based on RAK831 LoRa Module

a. SX1301 gives 8 uplink and 1 downlink LoRa demodulation paths

b. Max Tx Power of 20dBm

c. RX sensitivity of -136dBm

d. Full LoRaWAN 1.0.2 stack support

e. Suitable with 868 MHz (Europe) and 915 MHz (North America) ISM Bands

f. Supported with both SPI and USB interfaces

3. 4G/LTE Base Shield with Quectel EC25 CAT4 LTE Module

a. 150 Mbps DL / 50 Mbps UL

b. Embedded GNSS

c. Europe and North America regions available

4. Mainly we use Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ with The Things Network Ready pre-programmed SD Card

5. High-gain antennas

6. Specially made for official Raspberry Pi Power Supply for outdoor using

7. IP65 Aluminum Enclosure: 148mm x 108mm x 75mm waterproof&dustproof sockets

8. Can be mount directly on pole or wall

9. Working temperature range: -25°C ~ 65°C

Quickly deploy a LoRa gateway with LoRa Gateway Developer kit


● Smart Metering

● Intelligent Farm

● Wireless Star Networks

● Home-, Building-, Industrial automation

● Remote Control - Wireless Sensors

● M2M, IoT

● Wireless Alarm and Security Systems

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