Integrating AI & ML in Mobile App Development

Integrating AI & ML in Mobile App Development

It’s been a while since we frequently hear some high-end words like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things or Machine Learning. How do these sophisticated technologies make things better, or how can they make our lives easier? The point is they make a lot of sense even in their primitive applications. Mobile app development is one such industry which has put the technologies to use and is still exploring the limits.

For the beginners, let’s start by throwing some light on what AI and ML means.

Artificial Intelligence Defined

AI is the technology that gives a human touch to machines. They continuously evolve by adopting and learning from the inputs provided. Knowledge Engineering and Machine Learning are some of the technologies that power up intelligence. Let’s say, with the support of AI, the machines will apparently think and react like human beings. However, the extent of its application varies. For example, the voice search which we frequently do on our smartphones and the humanoid robot Sophia, the technology behind both the innovations are the same - AI.

Machine Learning - A Short Note

A massive amount of data are fed to ML programs which allow the program to understand the possible outcomes and then to develop patterns based on the result at hand. Millions of such situations will be pre-fed into the program, which will give it ‘experience.’ When a new case comes up, the program automatically pulls up its previous experience and comes up with a decision based on the data.

Now that we have an idea what AI and ML mean, let’s see how it revolutionizes the mobile app development.

Personal Assistant

AI and ML programs have evolved so much that it can even act as personal assistants for humans. A hint about the capabilities of an AI as a personal assistant is depicted in one of the Hollywood movies, ‘HER.’ When the time comes where people are too busy to chat with real humans, AI comes for help. Scheduling our day, helping us to take decisions, and keeping our health in check are some of the many things AI can do for us as a personal assistant.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is something we are familiar with. AI and ML algorithms power the many voice searches we launch every day on our smartphones. The personalized or customized replies we get from the voice assistant are a result of the algorithms programmed into them. Converting the voice input into machine language and pulling up the required results are done by engaging the artificial intelligence as well as machine learning programs that are pre-programmed and continuously evolving.

Face Detection

Smartphones have been upgraded overtime to make it capable of identifying their owner’s face to unlock. And the pioneers are Apple, as always. The face detection is an auxiliary layer of security for your devices. The technology has evolved to adapt and recognize any changes that may gradually happen to your face like growing a beard or wearing spectacles. While developing mobile applications like Faceapp, AI is highly put into use.

Higher Security Walls

With the integration of AI to mobile apps, security has witnessed a whole new level of innovation. Cybersecurity breaches are more common than ever these days. Almost 69% of the businesses across the globe have turned onto AI to keep themselves safe and clean. Engaging AI for network security, data security, and endpoint security is increasing. AI is capable of detecting the anomalies much faster than the humans as AI itself is a program. We, humans, get it only when the aftermath is visible while the AI detects it when the first block moves in the wrong direction. Early detection of virus attacks will help prevent further damages.

Final Words

The world we knew once doesn’t exist anymore. Technology hacked the very existence of human beings. Cyborgs and AI bots will soon be walking the earth. The technology is always a boon, and if not used the right way, the doomsday as we see in Hollywood movies might not just remain as a fantasy. However, integrating AI and ML to our present mobile applications makes them efficient and more comfortable for us to interact.

Last updated:9/25/2019 4:16:29 AM
Premjith B P K

Premjith B P K

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