Luxury Living, Home to Dubai

Luxury Living, Home to Dubai

There is only one thing that limits what you can fit in your home, which is the owner’s designs and imaginations. This has been noted by the experts.

Most of us want to reside in a community that has the facilities of a gym, a cinema, a spa, a pool within a walking distance. However, many of the residents of Dubai do enjoy all these facilities in their luxurious properties within the premises of their houses.

Khaleej Times had talked to Colin Doyle, who is the partner of LW Design Group, and the architect behind Villa Aurum. It has recently made a huge wave in the sector of properties when listed for Dh130 million.

Villa Aurum is set within M. State. It is a private gated community, which consist of five luxurious villas. It further reinforces being exclusive, as it is on the tip of one of the most sought Palm Jumeirah.

It is a six-bedroom villa, plot A, which spans at 1,342.50 square meters. It also comprises of a number of amenities, which include the cinema, a spa, a gym, a staff quarter, a white sandy beach, which is expanded generously for a complete seclusion and exclusiveness. It is conceived as a contemporary design that maximizes the location’s potential as well. It had been revealed by Doyle that all the materials used in the construction comprise of floating rendered plains and large glazing expanses.

Doyle quoted,

"The concept of the design for the villa was to provide panoramic views of the beach, the sea and the long vistas to the Dubai Marina shoreline, something of a Miami setting, which is what the developers were keen on,"

"Designed to give 120-degree views for infinite light experience, the most commanding spot on the Frond is maximized at every opportunity, although privacy was at the forefront of the design. A framed sculptural tree sits at the heart of the courtyard within a reflection pond that provides a rippling water effect that fills the inside space."

He added further,

"M. State has been created to fulfilling a need for quality and stylish living that is utterly unique and exclusive. The developer's inspiration for M. State was drawn from the chic Miami lifestyle but there needed to be a serious consideration for the climate of the UAE, hence the striking infinity pool overlooking the Dubai Marina skyline. Other features such as the jacuzzi pool, steam room, a fitted-out gym and a cinema room all offer world-class contemporary design with the focus on the requirement for luxury living."

The associate director of Lux habitat, Daniel Garafoli said that it is very rate to get a price asked for an individual, single property with a figure in nine numbers.

"That's already a sign that it has to be so outstanding in all its facts and features. All properties listed at the Dh100 million and over mark are high-end luxury residential properties in super-prime areas. For example, an Emirates Hills Villa with the view towards Downtown, Palm Jumeirah Villas on the tip of the fronds, which has the size of five regular palm plots combined, or a super penthouse - custom-built with multiple stories and features like in-house cinema and nightclub - are usually the kinds of villas and apartments that are within this price range."

"To reach this kind of level, a property has the be the ultimate one in its area and should be second to none," Garofoli added. "

There isn’t any more compromising at Dh100. The property has to be prime to meet up with the price point.

He added further,

"There are definitely some amenities that owners of such properties like to have: A home cinema, for example, with 16 or more seats and a professional sound system; a private pool as well as a jacuzzi is always nice to have and already comes as standard with luxury properties. Most of the big villas and penthouses have their own private elevator that gets you through the different levels of the property. Obviously, these supersized properties host usually up to 10 or even more bedrooms, all with their own ensuite bathrooms. Most also come with several parking spots for their car collection presented in a gallery/showroom style, multiple terraces and outdoor spaces,"

All of such homes also need separate rooms for the staff members as well, including facilities for the maids, the gardeners and the drivers. Starting from the bathrooms that are golden, made out of gold, to stair cases that twirl, to huge art pieces in the middle of every room. There isn’t anything that’s impossible in a property at such a price point.

He says,

"We even had a villa listed on the Palm where you could swim under the living room," "Along with other hotspots like New York and Hong Kong, Dubai has made a name for itself on the global map as a luxury living location. It has an ample number of outstanding properties and a large number of sea-front properties in an urban location. The developers always have to over deliver in order to be interesting for the luxury buyers sector. Dubai is the definition of luxury in many ways; by way of its supercars, luxury shopping opportunities in the malls, five-star hotels with world-class facilities, all of these combined inspire the developers to always reinvent themselves and to find ultra-luxurious hotspots for the super-rich in the world."

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