The WordPress Pitfalls That Every Business Needs To Be Aware Of

Now that WordPress has become the most popular content management system, top web development companies and businesses will often come together to discuss the benefits that are available. However, there are also certain pitfalls that must be discussed.

Every business must be aware of the risks that are associated with WordPress web development before meeting with top web development companies. While WordPress has become a wildly popular platform used by various Fortune 500 companies, education is key. Let's take a closer look at the most common pitfalls that every business needs to be aware of.

Getting the most out of a platform like this one is not always easy. The following guide is here to assist businesses, so that they can learn as much as possible before meeting with top web development companies.

Analytics Can Be Tough To Integrate

Integration is one of the main selling points that WordPress has to offer but there are many who believe that the platform will take care of it for them. Top web development companies can offer valuable insight when it comes to integration of analytics but an enterprise needs to do their own research. WordPress is all about providing the individual assistance that the top businesses need. They are not able to handle analytic integration on their behalf.

Analysis software is not going to be built in. A business can still partake in the necessary analysis, learning more about who visits their site and why. The metrics that are most critical from a marketing standpoint have to be monitored by the site runner on their own. Don't make the mistake of assuming that WordPress or the top web development companies are going to be responsible for this key step.

Security Is Challenging

WordPress web development is all about utilizing the plugins that are best designed to meet a business' needs. Unfortunately, there are a number of companies that are not able to handle their own security concerns. They make the mistake of assuming that the platform is going to take care of any security concerns that are going to arise. In reality, this is another responsibility that the business must take care of on their own.

Hackers are always going to target WordPress sites because they are banking on the site runner's inability to properly secure their intellectual property. Plugins need to be researched thoroughly because they are not a fail safe. The hackers are often available to make their way past security plugins and they cannot be relied upon exclusively. Security is an ongoing battle that requires maximum vigilance.

Plugins Are Not a Cure All

To build on the previous point, there are too many business owners who allow themselves to believe that their plugins are able to handle any and all concerns that arise. Any site runner that is looking to maximize their site's effectiveness will need to sit down with top web development companies and have detailed discussions. Plugins are not a magical cure all and they must be chosen as wisely as possible.

There are tens of thousands of plugins to choose from, including all of the unofficial ones out there. If a plugin is not chosen wisely, the hackers that are looking to compromise the site's functionality will have a wide open window to do so. The code that is used for the page templates and themes is completely changed every time a new plugin is added. These changes have to be considered in order for a site to avoid the usual difficulties.

Inability To Learn Stack Design Principles

This is one of the most crucial factors that needs to be considered when WordPress web development is taking place. The site runner stores the directions for the site's look and behavior in the code. PHP programming language is used. In order for the site to load on the user's device, the programming language must be translated into HTML. Stack design principles are common but they can also come with drawbacks.

When the PHP programming language is in the process of being translated into HTML, this can cause the site to slow down significantly. Any site that does not load quickly is going to be avoided in the future. It is up to the business to acknowledge these potential performance issues before the site goes live. Otherwise, the slow loading site will drive browsers away.

It's Not Just For Bloggers Anymore

A number of business owners will ignore WordPress web development because they are not aware of the fact that times have changed. It is understandable for a business to be nervous about the aforementioned pitfalls but those who still believe this platform is only for bloggers are truly missing out. This may not seem like a pitfall that is actually associated with WordPress but it is still something that businesses need to be aware of.

WordPress powers millions of blogs but it also powers various businesses and provides them with a helpful platform. It is not the exclusive domain of bloggers anymore. It has not been exclusive to bloggers for some time now. A dynamic site can be constructed on this platform.

Those who are looking for the right platform for their web development needs will want to make sure that they are taking the proper steps. It all starts by taking a closer look at WordPress before meeting with top web development companies. There is much to be gained from this platform, as long as a site runner is willing to remain proactive and take responsibility for its continued performance.

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