2019 SEO Tips For Beginners

To someone who’s just getting started on SEO, learning the first time might get intimidating, especially in understanding the technical terms. There's just so many tactics that SEO experts use and those tactics change often. 

Here are some SEO tips that a beginner can take up on. 

Optimise your site for mobile devices

Since people are most likely going to spend most of their time on their phones, it’s crucial to not ignore optimising your website for mobile. If you understand mobile users and their habits, you’re more than likely to understand how mobile SEO works too. It might be a good idea to think of your very own searching habit.

Understand how users search

These days, keywords aren’t enough anymore. You have to understand the intent behind the keywords too. Search intent and the reasoning behind the search is a long-term strategy for SEO and it hasn’t failed yet. You will be able to optimise your site better if you understand how your target audience use search engines better.

Write for humans, optimise for search engines

Like we have stated, good keywords isn’t just enough anymore. Part of the intent behind typing the keywords down is the fact that it’s humans that read all these up. You are to write for them and not for robots. Thinking of them when creating your content should be the first thing to do. And there’s no more need in adding more keywords. Search engines are getting smarter and a lot more sophisticated.

Analyse your existing search traffic

Look into which pages are performing well. Try to see why they’re getting more traffic than the rest of the pages of your website. Figuring out the keywords your target audience had been using to search for your site is the key as well. 

Stay updated with SEO’s latest trends

Follow the latest trends. You also need to understand the different search engine algorithms if you want to generate as much traffic as you want while ensuring your website doesn't get penalised. If you know how to follow the trends, your site will flourish along with your brand once you gain the online visibility you need.

Underestimating UX is a bad idea

Yes, never underestimate user experience. Since Google has evolved over the years and has become more personalised as time goes by, it has now become very important to offer the best experience to users. In fact, you could even say that it’s the goal. Make sure that the user experience of your site is appealing if you want to generate leads.

Discover the link between SEO and social media

Social media is bigger than ever now. With plenty of people using social media each day, it is possible that it could define a particularly big part of your online presence and authority. 

Understand how voice search works

People use voice search more and more because they couldn’t be bother with typing anymore. This year and the next, the use of voice search will surely soar high. 

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