Ever since the mobile search and usage surpassed the desktop search and usage, back in 2016, the mainstream focus of businesses has shifted on empowering their online presence, especially over mobile devices such as SmartPhones and Tablets. However, there are several factors to consider while going for one, and a complete set of pros and cons to look for while doing so. Once you have decided the various implications involved in your business, and are willing to get things done specifically customized as per your business, the best idea will be to approach a custom mobile app development company.

But then, what makes a custom app better than any other choices that are being offered by various other app development companies? Well, an easy and simple answer to this would be the fact that you can customize the various functionalities of your mobile app as per your business, thus, making it a direct tool for enhancing your organization's operational and business efficiency.  

Let us look at the various other factors inclusive of the above one, that help custom apps outweigh the benefits of hybrid mobile apps and template solutions: 

1. User Interface and Experience that is Customized as per the end-user 

Customizing a mobile application gives you the benefit of personalizing the user interface and user experience as per the end user. You can also add various custom features such as a separate admin panel, accessibility, communication framework, etc., which is not the feature that you can incorporate with template solutions.  

This feature functions best for enterprise applications as it helps its various users provide a suitable user experience as per their needs, specifications. Hybrid apps depend on the WebView which limits the customization of User Interface of the app, for which getting a custom app is a better option.

2. Scalability of the Application as per Market demand and Technological advancements

Scalability of your custom app will be as per your business needs. In other words, the scalability of your custom app is directly proportional to the scalability of your business. Market demand and technological advancements are the two main factors that generally influence the scalability of a business, besides its financial stature, ofcourse!

However, incorporating the same with your mobile app becomes more of a challenge when you have an off-the-shelf or hybrid app. It may happen that you will have to get things done from the scratch! So a custom app in such a scenario is a better idea as it would save your investment both in terms of time and money. A simple and specified communication of your scalable elements, and its scope to the developers shall do the job.

3. A successful App is one, that is secure and least prone to data breach

Enhanced security features and flexibility of data storage is what makes a custom app development a better choice when compared to generic apps and template apps. You can easily ask the custom mobile app development company to provide your app with security features as per your need. In cases for enterprise applications, adding authentication at different levels and defining access to the system as per employee(user) requirements becomes even easier. Such features are least expected in template solutions as they provide the minimum customizability of your app as per your operational needs.

4. Better Productivity in terms of Improved Efficiency and Better Profitability in Business

A custom app gives you better chances of personalizing the user experience when it comes to target the selected group and get the best impact. The same goes when it comes to enterprise level applications where any required enhancement in the operational functionality can be easily incorporated and quickly accessed.

Talking of speed, this is one major setback of hybrid apps as they incorporate a number of libraries and codes to run the particular application whose requirements depends highly on the level of customization required. And since the scenario completely differs for iOS and Android, one needs to compromise with speed, or with the number of customization features that they need while going for a hybrid app.

Whereas in case of custom apps, you can have better features in terms of speed along with a compatible and user friendly interface which can be further enhanced upto the optimum level.

5. Avoid Template Solutions if you wish to OWN the code for your app.

Prefering to go for a custom mobile app development company would make sure that you preserve your ownership to the Intellectual Property Rights which is not the case with template apps. You can make certain measures to make sure you do so, a scenario that is impossible with off-the-shelf template apps.

6. Custom Apps Can Be Made Device Compatible.

Custom App Development can help your business make sure that your online presence delivers the same user experience to its end-users irrespective of the device they use. This feature is also available for hybrid apps but that makes you improvise with speed.

Besides, Hybrid Apps limit in utilizing the full capacity of a particular platform, and for doing so requires incorporating a number of codes and plugins, thus complicating the development process. This can also affect the development cost!

While businesses and organizations are concentrating more on expanding their online presence, choosing the right technology that suits and benefits your company is the factor that you should look for. Besides the cost factor, which also varies as per the requirements, there are certain advantages that a custom app gives when compared to template solutions and hybrid apps. All you need to do is make sure that you are going for the right custom mobile app development company that delivers you the perfect solution for your business needs.

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