Top 5 White Hat SEO Techniques to Double Organic Traffic

Top 5 White Hat SEO Techniques to Double Organic Traffic

White hat SEO is considered as the best practice for improving your search ranking on a search engine results page (SERP). This can only be done by maintaining the integrity of your website and staying within the search engines.

White SEO includes:

  1. Fast Mobile Loading Website
  2. CTR Based Meta Title and Descriptions
  3. A Unique Content Strategy
  4. Website Structure
  5. UX/UI
  6. White Hat Link Building

Let’s Discuss Major White Hat SEO Techniques

  • CTR Based Meta Title and Descriptions

Meta Title and Meta Description is the first thing that Google sees when crawling a website as well as customers. Both tags should be eye-catching and this is considered as the perfect place for adding keywords.


Top 5 White Hat SEO Techniques to Double Organic Traffic

  • Fast Mobile Loading Website

Page speed plays a very important role. This not only helps in improving your ranking but also improves the overall user experience.

Here are a few fast loading speed tips:

  1. Compress your images so that they load faster
  2. Delete unnecessary images
  3. Upgrade your hosting with good features.
  4. Improve your Server Load issues by managing source code.
  5. Avoid Ajax and Flash
  • Optimizing Images 

For advance ranking, Image SEO plays a very significant role. There some guidelines provided by Google when do image SEO.

Have a look at few image optimization tips:

  1. Optimize Image Alt Tag using Keywords
  2. Reduce the file size of the Images
  3. Choose the right file type like JPEG & PNG
  4. Add Image Site map to the website as well as Google Search Console.
  5. Add keyword in Image file name and avoid special characters.

Heading Tags SEO

Generally, heading are used to give the title or lead an article or content. Moreover, Google considers H1 and H2 tags as very important.

Have a look at the following tags:

  1. Use only 1 H1 Tags per webpage.
  2. Use multiple H2 Tags per webpage.
  • Create Quality Content Strategy

All the search engines love quality content and so do its users. If you want a good ranking on Google then you should consider adding quality and unique content. Moreover, keywords targeting & keywords density plays a very important in content.

We can also add LSI keywords to improve ranking as they will help to rank long-tail keywords as well.

  • White Hat Link Building

Google has some guidelines while creating backlinks. Here I am going to line out few:

  1. Create Backlinks on High PA/DA sites
  2. Use different Anchor Text
  3. Use unique content for content marketing
  4. Don’t build backlinks through Software’s

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