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Oven Accessory story

Oven Accessory story

lei yuxin765 15-Sep-2019

Necessary cooking feature located in Whiddon Group Laurieton provides received a tick by using approval after an Italian designed celebration on Tuesday, September THREE OR MORE.

The Oven Accessory  is purchased at the Whiddon Laurieton courtyard.

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The vision into the addition of the facility came to exist two years ago, having input from staff as well as residents.

"There were discussions around ways to improve the area, making it a real entertainment area for everyone to savor, " a spokesperson as a result of Whiddon Laurieton said.

70 five people attended the specific pizza night event by using Tuesday, September 3.

The seller's attendees included residents, family members, independent living residents in addition to community care residents. Volunteers also came to help out on the evenings.

Ninety five pizzas were cooked by the aged care centre's providing team, following the entrée of soup and garlic bread. Gelato was served to have dessert.

Attendees were then treated into a film screening of 'They're the Weird Mob'.

Whiddon LaurietonOven Accessory's director connected with care George Fotoulis said it was just fantastic to discover the laughs and see the smiles.

"It was very rewarding for most people, " he said.

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