There are four major parts of a visual C++ AppWizard program:
·         The application object
·         The main window object
·         The view object
·         The document object

The Application object

The application object, supported in welcome.h and welcome.cpp (the .h file holds the definition of constants and the declaration of variables and methods.

The main window object

 The main window object is responsible for everything that surrounds the area where the action –the drawing text and other graphics etc. that area are called client area in a window.

The view object

The view object handles the client area- this is where we shall format and display the data in our program, such as the text we are editing.

The document object

 In document object we store the data for our program. It handles the display of the data that will fit into the client area in the view object


the four parts of our Visual C++ program

·         CWelcomeApp

Our window program itself

·         CMainFrame

Our main window

·         CWelcomeView

Handles the data display

·         CWelcomeDoc

Handles our data
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