In today’s modern marketing world, most marketers and company’s attention are online. However, solely focusing your marketing efforts online means you are missing out on the huge opportunities that physical promotional products present. A recent study found that certain promotional products have an 85% brand recall rate. This is much higher than an online display advert, for example. The study also found that people had a greater fondness for brands that they had received a promotional gift from.

Promotional Products: Are they Still Relevant in the Online World of Today?

One of the things that make promotional products so great, is the fact that there are so many to choose from. Whether you are promoting a new product, running a new marketing campaign, or just want to show your clients you care. There is a promotional product fit for any occasion. Take a look at the different options below.

Promotional Product Options

A gift with purchase: A great way to entice your customers into a sale is to offer them a free product alongside your own. This adds value for the customer and convinces them they are getting a good deal. The best gift with purchases can be used in conjunction with the product on sales, for example, a free glass with a drink. 

On-pack promotion: This is a form of gift with purchase that involves having the free gift directly attached to the product, as opposed to the customer redeeming it in another fashion. This is a good option as it allows the customer to see exactly what free gift they are receiving.

Free giveaway: Much more effective than giving away a flyer. People will remember the brand that gave them a free gift a lot more than simply a piece of paper. These are great for brand retention. They can be used at a variety of occasions, such as a trade show or simply on the street.

Corporate gift: A corporate gift is a perfect way to show your clients and employees that you value them. Corporate gifts are often at the higher end of quality for promotional products. They are a great way to retain customers and staff.

Point of sale display: These can really make the difference between a sale and no sale. If a POS display grabs a customer’s attention, they are sure to look at the product closer. This will lead to far more customers making a purchase decision. The tactics you can use to gain customer attention are endless. From LED displays to using sound or smell.

As you can see there are a wide variety of promotional products that work to suit all needs. The best approach, we suggest, is to use a combination. Still not convinced that promotional products are relevant in today’s online world? Read these benefits.

Benefits Of A Promotional Product

Increased Brand Awareness: Promotional products are so effective because they don’t only promote your brand to the person that receives them. They promote the brand to anyone who sees the person with your item. For example, if you produced a promotional umbrella, every person who walks by the person using that umbrella will be exposed to your brand. 

Boost your sales: The ultimate goal for all marketers is to increase their company’s sales. Promotional products are an extremely effective way to secure this. Especially promotional products such as on-pack gifts and point of sale displays.

Increased brand reputation: Giving clients and potential customers a free gift is a powerful way to increase your brand’s reputation. It makes them feel valued and that your company is someone who cares about their customers. Having a good brand reputation is the key to gaining and retaining customers.

Door Openers: Instead of giving potential clients a business card that they will probably lose/ forget about, why not give them something they will remember! Promotional products are a great way to open doors to new business.

Traffic builder: This one may surprise you, but promotional products are actually a great way to drive online traffic. Well, thought out promotional products should be very shareable online. People will want to show their friends the promotional product they received if it is intriguing and engaging.

To summaries, promotional products are more relevant today than ever. They can provide your company with a huge variety of benefits. Their versatility also allows you to let your creativity run wild! The better thought out a promotional product is, the more effective it will be.

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