How To Choose The Best Company To Buy Paper Straws Wholesale?

After the video of the researcher in Costa Rica of a sea turtle having a plastic straw embedded in its nose went viral, people are now aware of the enormous environmental impact plastic straws have on the environment. In the U.S alone, the usage of plastic straws is at an all-time high of 5 million. So where do you think this 5 million straws go? As human beings, we are lazy creature, be frank, and in most cases, we do not dispose of these straws in the right way. Majority of these straws end up in our water system, harming our aquatic life.

So are you a business owner looking to make the right move from plastic to paper? Then you are in the right place. As today we shall look at the features you should be looking for in a company when it comes to buying paper straws wholesale?

Features of a Great paper straws wholesale company.

Everywhere around the world, people have started embracing the idea of paper straws. Companies like McDonald's have already set the pace with the incorporation of paper straws in its more than 10000 stores widely. Companies like Starbucks have pledged to remove plastic straws by 2020. So how do you identify an excellent paper straw wholesale company?

 Quality and Price

After the high social media campaign tag of the harmful effects of plastic straws, everyone around is more aware. The increased awareness has created a considerable market demand for paper straws, thus the rise of paper straw company. Some offer excellent quality paper straws, while others do provide poor quality. So how do you identify high-quality paper straw wholesale company?

The first thing is to ensure that the FDA, CE, LFGB test them. To be approved by such an institution, you do need to meet specific legal and health requirements. You should also ensure that the paper straw is of not high quality but come at affordable prices.

 Shipping

It's now more accessible and economical for one to buy paper straws online. Since paper straws do not go wrong, you can quickly get a year worth of paper straws at affordable price. So when it comes to buying paper straws in bulk online, ensure that the company offers tracking numbers and do also have a shipping insurance policy, so that your items are safe in case of damage.

 Custom Logo Printing

As a business owner, you need to stand out. For you to stand out, you need unique paper straws. Having a paper straw wholesale company which can design custom print on your paper straw can be a great feature to help you market yourself.

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