The best music you should download before going on a road trip

So are you looking for adding that extra musical spice to your upcoming road trip that you are planning to take on no matter if it is a solo, with your family or a fun road trip with your friends?

Nothing to worry, where we have curated the list of best songs that you can add to your playlist if you are looking for something like that. So let us now look at the top songs that you can add to your current playlist and make your road trip even more fun and adventurous and of course, much more musical!

Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane

This should be definitely in your playlist in case you are planning for a road trip if it is a solo trip or with a group of friends or even with your family. Life is a Highway is an original song composed by Tom Cochrane from album Mad Mad World.

The song belongs to his most famous list of all time. You can have access to this song and album song through mp3 music downloader and various other free youtube to mp3 converter websites and other free portals.

Roam – B-52’s

Roam is just another breathtakingly beautiful song surely deserves to be among the top songs from your playlist in case you are about to plan your road trip. It was the fourth single from B-52’s 1989 hit album Cosmic Thing.

The music immediately reached on spot 2 on airplay and sale start after its release. On a global level, this song was immediately included among the top 10 success in Canada Ireland and New Zealand continuously begging the top positions all the way. So you can download this music too using mp3 music downloader.

Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf 4 Driving

Looking for the perfect music and playlist for your next exciting and interesting journey on a road trip? Well, Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf should top range of your playlist if you are planning something like that.

With the starting line, the song became the first popular one with such phrase and a term for the hard rock genre. Many people around the world feel that kind of heavy metal is a form of the ultimate expression of addiction that something is there actually in that form of addiction. So yes, you should have it.

My Life Away – Eddie Rabbitt

So in our list of the best music that you should download before going for a road trip, here we are with our next sensational song that truly deserves to be among the top songs if you are thinking of another road trip.

This one is a collaboration recorded by American country music artists which were released in the year 1980 as the first single from Eddie Rabbitt's album 'Horizon'. It reached transport in the year 1980 and stayed on the same till the last and soon was included in the most evergreen song of the late 1980s.

Moab – Conor Oberst

Moab by Conor Oberst is another beautiful yet and thrilling piece of music that should be included in your playlist in case you are planning for an adventurous road trip for the upcoming weekend for some special occasion!

It is a solo album by Conor Oberst which belongs to the band Bright Eyes. The song was released on August 4, 2008, my Merge Records and debuted on UK albums chart by grabbing the 37th position. The music can be easily downloaded through various youtube mp4 converter that is available out there on online website or portal.

On the Road Again – Willie Nelson

The song is a completely to soul especially looking for adventurous things like a road trip. The song interprets about the whole journey of life on tour. The album became an instant hit and among the top 16 according to act in the same year 1980 along with the title of most recognizable tunes.

The music was the biggest pop head of that time and even back Grammy award for the best country song in the coming year on its part. So, download the song using various mp4 converter applications that are available on various websites.

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