How to deal with rude behavior in your kid?

We teach our kids to be respectful to everyone, but at times it happens that our kids display rude behavior with us or others around them, whether it’s in school, playground, or at someone’s home. Being rude is unacceptable anywhere, but it’s much more embarrassing when it happens in front of others whether you know them personally or not. .....

We have compiled some rules on how to deal with the rude behavior in your child and turn things around while giving your child an important lesson in how to behave appropriately everywhere.

Rule no. 1 is to learn to control your feelings. Be polite, and don’t vent your frustration on your kids. Time and again, I have realized that when I yell at my child, he yells back at me. So what do I do? I take a deep breath and cease-fire the situation to calm him down immediately. I say sorry, and most often than not, my child says sorry too! We make a pact to not repeat it again. Yelling at kids make them stubborn, apart from this you also lose your respect in the eyes of your child.

Rule no. 2 is to never discuss his bad behaviour in front of him, rather do the opposite. I, usually, tell my friends how my son has improved so much and was very well behaved the last time I took him out. It makes my son proud and more responsible for his actions. Treasure that confident smile! Also you can foster a positive behaviour by reinforcing your child in a way that he could be intrinsically motivated towards a polite behaviour.

Rule no. 3 is to correct your child in the moment....Read More

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