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A Guide On How To Fix Unable To Issues

Veronica Bishop 537 04-Sep-2019

What is

Accessing the routers setup page sometimes becomes a necessity. But it’s not easy to remember the default IP addresses for your routers every time one wants to do some admin works. To resolve this long time issues the star manufacturers in the routers industry Netgear came up with their unique routers where you can access the dashboard with the help of a local address.
However like bane to every boon sometimes there occurs arises situations when you cannot access the routers setup page. In case you are currently dealing with similar issues here is a brief rundown on few common fixes.
Few common reasons
For issues like not working there can be various reasons causing it. Here’s a few
•    Issues with wireless networking and other setup files
•    Issues with the wireless router itself
•    Outdated firmware
•    Issues with the browser
The steps to gain access back to your setup page
•    First make sure that you are entering the correct web address username password and all other credential.
•    The correct web address is or
•    Your username is admin and your password is password and both these credentials are case sensitive
•    Sometimes error while accessing the local address indicate some issues with your browser.
•    Try and clear all the Internet browsing history, temporary files, cache files cookies and other files which might cause browser issues
•    Although there are no steadfast rules for accessing the setup however it is best to use browsers like Internet Explorer Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari etc.
•    You can also so use an alternate browser to access the page
•    In case nothing works you can try an access the routers dashboard via its default IP addresses which are or
•    In case you are still unable you can try and use an Ethernet cable to directly connect between your router and your computer. Always remember wired connections works better than wireless or any modem setups
•    Adjust your wireless connection modes. Normally there are two different bandwidths 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. In case your router is fixed in 2.4ghz try and change it to the 5ghz network range
•    To check weather the issue is with your router or your device try and access the routers dashboard via others smart devices
•    Sometimes when you are connected to a multiple network like VPN networks or corporate networks the local address might not work
•    In such cases try and disable all such externals networks and connect with only the routers network. Now try and access
•    In case you are using any Windows firewall or popup blockers or any other third party software that can hinder the Netgear router setup page or Netgear extender login page to load then disable all the modes and try to login afresh
•    If none of the above given fixes work try and run a power cycle on your router modem and in case you have a Netgear new extender setup run power cycle on a as well.
•    You can also run a factory reset

If the issue is still not resolved ask experts for further guidance.

Updated 04-Sep-2019
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