7 Best Cocktail Bars In Newark, NJ

If you love to visit bars then Newark is the best place for you as it is home to some of the great cocktail bars in town. Moreover, Newark is just 13 miles away from Westfield, NJ. This means you can just rent a car from Empire Limousine which provides car rental services in Westfield, NJ and get to these bars that are mentioned above.

In fact, there are so many bars in Newark that it can suit everyone’s tastes, whether it is a restaurant, nightclub or lounge. 

Have a look.

The Monk Room: It is not only a cocktail bar but is also a great pizza restaurant as well. At the Monk Room, you can not just enjoy your drink but can also have a bite of your favorite pizza or pasta too. Moreover, your drinks are blended with real creative flair by the mixologists. The Monk Room offers a homely atmosphere with live jazz music and it also has a flat-screen TV if you want to cheer your favorite team. 

Jimenez Tobacco: People who love to smoke and drink, Jimenez Tobacco is the place for them. You can enjoy a great hand-rolled cigar, have a drink and enjoy some great hospitality. The staff at Jimenez Tobacco is also very friendly. Moreover, the owner will remember your name and will immediately welcome you, giving the place a sense of community. 

McGovern’s Tavern: McGovern’s Tavern is the oldest running, low-key Irish bar and grill that also offers food menu in Newark. Instead of flashy TV screens, this cocktail bar offers historically rich with old paintings and dark varnished murals. Moreover, the bar is filled with souvenirs of retired police and firemen helmets along with other artifacts from the local working class. Since it is a traditional Irish pub, it resembles the classic American taverns that would have been found in 1950, the 60s, and 70s. 

The SkyLab: The SkyLab is Newark’s first rooftop lounge where you can eat, drink, and play! Further, this cocktail bar also brings a whole new vision of nightlife to the Newark neighborhood. You can enjoy a spectacular late-night menu and service overlooking a fabulous view of the New York City skyline. Apart from that, The SkyLab is also designed with an inviting lounge which features a collection of fantastic cocktails. 

Hell’s Kitchen Lounge: This is one of the best cocktails bars that you should visit when in Newark as it has a wide range of drinks to choose from. While the menu is a bit eclectic so is the bar’s decor is. The decor is kitschy in red and gold retro-Vegas style. Although, the lounge always has a fun crowd especially on the burlesque nights every Thursday. The staff at Hell’s Kitchen Lounge will make your evening a pleasant experience as it is made up of a great bunch of bartenders.

Redds Biergarten: If you are a die-hard beer lover then, Redds Biergarten is the perfect place for you as it serves classic bar bites with a long list of draft brews and wine by the glass. It is spread on an industrial space of about 7,000 square feet. 

Newark Museum: You might be surprised to see a museum on this list but Newark Museum is not just any museum especially on late Thursdays. The museum’s late Thursdays is a series of creativity-inspired social evenings that offers a fresh take on the Museum’s captivating collections. Along with music, food, drinks, art, and entertainment, you can also enjoy other experiences such as body painting live nude models.


If you are a huge party lover and loves nightlife then these are some of the bars that you can visit while you are in Newark. You can hire a car from Newark’s car service provider which is Empire Limousine and reach these places. 

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