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Tencent Music Entertainment

Anna Ben 490 28-Aug-2019

However, there are some parts of the world where streaming music is a bit trickier due to copyright laws or because of government regulations surrounding online music streaming services, etc. One such example is China. However, the days of restricted music streaming are over with Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) on the horizon. TME is completely and quickly changing the way audio and video music is distributed in the Republic of China. If you are one such happy resident, then read on to find out everything great about TME.  

1. Products/Services

The bulk of products and services provided by TME can be accessed through three different platforms that have been developed by TME. These are, namely QQ Music, Kugou, and Kuwo.  

All of the aforementioned are music services that allow people all over China to access the latest music, share it along, and even create their own original music should they choose to do so. They contain albums from the top artists and even host streaming services for live shows and concerts so that people do not miss out on anything.

2. TME’s Content

TME’s music base or content can be categorized in three different ways. There is a central music library that contains the bulk of recorded audio music. This is where you can access top rated tracks and albums.  

There’s another section that contains original music exclusively so that users can upload their own tracks on the site as well to share with other users. There are some originals by TME itself as well, in addition to a section of tracks produced by collaborations with other record labels. All in all, it makes for a versatile base for all kinds of music.

3. New-age Technology

With the advent of TME, music streaming has evolved via enhanced technology. There are three different tiers to this technological advancement. Firstly, there is a brand new interface that is set to make interactions with users much easier. These changes are made based on previous user experiences, changing music trends, and reviews, etc.  

The search engine itself is optimized to recommend music genres that the user is more likely to enjoy hence providing a personalized experience. Another great thing is that all the music on these platforms is protected by copyright laws and hence is completely safe/legal to stream.

4. More About TME

On the TME platform itself, there is always news regarding the latest updates on the music industry. This contains details of the recently released music, of new bands or artists on the rise, and even tour announcements that allow users to virtually follow their favorite artists throughout their tours.  

In addition, there are updates on new developments on technology or new platforms that are introduced by TME. You can also stay up to date with the latest collaborations and new music, whether audio or video tracks/albums that users all across China and on the platform can look forward to.


With a brand new music streaming service such as Tencent Music Entertainment, the people of China now have widespread access to multiple genres and mediums of music. This is definitely a step in the right direction for the entertainment industry, and TME is bound to go down as a pioneer in the field.

Updated 28-Aug-2019
Anna Ben

Anna Ben

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