Benefits and Cost of Seal Coating an Asphalt Pavement

When you have an asphalt parking lot or a driveway, cracks and potholes are obvious after some time. If you don’t want to let your investment go down, it is best that you contact a sealcoating company to seal coat the pavement. It is because if you ignore the seal coating requirements of your asphalt pavement, it may make the pavement worse.

In Sussex County, summers are warm and wet and winters are freezing, thus, your asphalt pavement is more at risk of degradation. In harsh environmental conditions, asphalt pavement cannot stay in shape for a longer time. Apart from weather conditions, there are also other factors which affect the ability of asphalt pavement to retain a good shape. Examples are tree roots, vehicle traffic, gas, oil, sand, and litter. All these factors contribute to the degradation and damage of asphalt.

Parking lots and other pavements which receive regular service and maintenance such as sweeping, crack filling, pothole repair, and seal coating outperform those pavements which are neglected.

But, how can a seal coating service help you protect your parking lot? Here are some of the major benefits of seal coating an asphalt pavement.

• Seal coating your pavement helps in reducing the repairs required. In doing so, you also get to save a significant amount of money.

• When you get your asphalt pavement seal coated, it helps to weatherize the asphalt and as a result, it also stops weather damage.

• Seal coating an asphalt pavement also prevents oxidation.

• Seal coating also helps in reducing damages caused by gas, oil, and salt.

• It helps in improving the curb-appeal, thereby, enhancing the overall look of the area.

Benefits and Cost of Seal Coating an Asphalt Pavement

Cost of Seal Coating an Asphalt Pavement

The sealing cost of your asphalt pavement can be determined by more than just an estimation method based on square footage. Variables like the number of cracks and potholes to be filled and repaired, the number of coats needed, and how much handwork is required also affect the cost of seal coating application.

Hire Only Professionals for Sealcoating the Asphalt Pavement

If asphalt is not properly seal coated or not sealed at all, cracks will begin to appear and slowly lead to potholes. With the proper and timely application, regular seal coating, hand-in-hand crack fillings, and asphalt repair, you can elevate the life of your pavement with a great difference. Plus, the cost to benefit ratio of added pavement life will exceed the cost of maintenance and seal coating itself.

So, you need to find only a copper-bottomed sealcoating company in Sussex County for application of seal coating every two to three years. The best results and benefits can only be expected if the seal coating work is done professionally and flawlessly.

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