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How to Date as Christian Singles Successfully Online

How to Date as Christian Singles Successfully Online

Lena Burkurt 656 04-Apr-2019

Most Christian singles are looking for partners to share their lives with and in the world we live in, online dating seems to be the best option to do that. Most Christian singles have accepted that this is a legitimate way to meet and get to know potential partners. If you are a single Christian looking to date online, here are some tips that will help you out and make the experience successful. 

Do not confuse the real person with your imagination

You should know that people are not exactly what you makes them out to be or how you imagine them just by looking at the profile picture or reading a few sentences they have written about themselves. Even when you do chat or even talk on the phone, you will possibly create a fantasy about this person, but you need to know what you expect might not be what you get. Your imagination is only an illusion that will confuse you so lose it and get to know that person.

Do some research

Do some research prior to meeting a person. The internet has made it easier because with Google and Facebook, you can easily find at least basic information about the person you looking to date. If you find red flags about the person, take them very seriously because they could be a scammer looking to do you harm so be very careful about what you find.

Try to interview them

First dates are usually very exciting which kind of overshadows the real conversations, more so if both of you are attracted to each other. Treat your first conversation as an interview but be informal and funny so they don't pick up on it. Be balanced about how you handle things so you don't scare them off simply because you want to find out more information about them.

Ask good and practical questions

When doing the interview, ask questions that help you dig deeper into this person's personality and everything they represent as a human being. It is very hard for Christian singles to find partners online that will understand and convert to their way of life.

Try not to be too open

Just as you are trying to discover the person behind the profile, they will probably do the same and so it is your job to let them discover you as well. It is very unfortunate that the world is full of scammers and people who are simply looking to harm others so guard your words very carefully, and your heart as well. Provide clear communication and let the person in little by little, as you go along with date. However, you should not do is open up yourself too much on the first date.

Know when to walk away

Even though online could be the avenue that will help you find your future spouse, it can lead to a disaster because you generally don't know what kind of a person you're going to meet. Try not treat it as a real relationship until you discover the person completely and you need to be willing to walk away if they are not kind of person you are expecting. Depending on the answers they give to the questions you ask, you should know want to stick around and when to walk away.

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Lena Burkurt

Lena Burkurt

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