How AI can be used in Mobile App Development - Developer’s Perspective

How AI can be used in Mobile App Development - Developer’s Perspective

For everything, there is an app - which expanded the corporate sector too. As there is an advancement in technology, we see the business apps also providing the advancements in their apps with innovative features and excellent performance. With the technological advancements, in recent years, there has an enormous growth in enterprise development as entrepreneurs are tending to jump on mobile app bandwagon to expand their business and improve their customer services.

So, again, with the advancements of technology, AI, VR and IoT have also made a huge contribution to the mobile app development process. Especially AI looks more promising as it can help the mobile app developers to develop more intelligent apps which function as a human. Many top development companies have already started implementing some of these new technologies in their mobile app development process.

Even if the AI technology is helping the developers with the development of intelligent apps, many developers find this technology way more difficult because of its complex functionality and its immense scope. While talking about AI, it has grown beyond chatbots and Virtual Assistants. It helps developers to provide the interactive experience to users and make their daily task easy.

What is the skill set required in developers to develop features of AI in mobile apps?

1. Problem-solving techniques:

Every mobile app is acting as the solutions of every business and customer’s requirement. When the AI comes into consideration, problem-solving is based on logical reasoning. In the domain, it is commonly known as automated reasoning. For the advanced effects of AI in the mobile app, the developers need to have higher problem-solving technique.

Ranging from the sector of gaming to retails and education, the features of AI in mobile app development can be integrated.

2. Powerful Algorithm:

The process and analysis of the data are another functionalities of AI technology. The AI in mobile apps helps make accurate predictions. Presently, AI technology is focusing on automated reasoning to get optimized outcomes and desirable conclusions. For this, the developers need to have the capabilities of building up an algorithm in line with the business model of the client.

The algorithm is specially build up to collect the data and process to get meaningful insights for the end users. Accordingly, many companies have found out the solution by hiring AI experts to meet these complex requirements for providing high-end enterprise app solutions to the enterprises.

3. Content and service-related skills

Not only today but in each era of the technological advancements, the burning issues of a business are always about what the customers want and how to provide it?  

When it comes to a business app, one of the things end users would love is the relevant content and useful features. You need to provide continuous relevant and interactive content to keep the customers interactive. 

The apps which fail to provide the relevant content probably seem to throw out of the audience views soon. Same goes with the services and features also. No relevant content and features, No audience attention. As simple as that. 

Developers must be able to provide the user-friendly services along with the relevant content. Also, their focus should on be on providing real-time solutions to the users facing problems while using AI apps. 

The history is clear, the apps focusing on users get more engagements. And that is mostly true. 

The users who use AI apps are almost headed up to have sophisticated appealing AI apps. If your AI apps have irrelevant or reductant information then it may not associate with the user for too long time. So it is important for the developers to add almost all the important information for the end users. 

The user-focused recommendation services in the app can also help as the revenue generation. These services require content which is capable of promoting upwelling and cross-selling. Moreover, the retail and entertainment sector can get the most benefits from these features of AI in mobile apps. Already Netflix is using these AI features for promoting their products. 

4. Understanding User’s behavior

Just Like any business app, AI in the mobile app also focuses on providing a rich and pleasant experience. With AI, ML, big data and NLP(Natural Language processing) technologies have a motive to provide a personalized and customized experience to each user.

The developers must keep in mind that the AI approach relies on the user’s behavior pattern. Whether be it user’s engagement or helping them out with the access of an app, they should be capable enough to understand the pattern. This helps the developer to provide the features and solutions that are most suitable for the users. Study of user’s behavior can also help the developers ensure the effective integration of AI.

For effective Ai Integration, there are many angles that need to address in the customized mobile app. There are some areas of focus that needs to get mentioned for successful AI in mobile apps of business.

They can be:

  •  Data Management
  • Data security
  • Feature Integration
  • Performance Issues
  • Usage Details
  • System Adoption
  • User Behaviour
  • API-based Infrastructure
  • General Intelligence and Data Analytics

 These are some critical task that needs developer’s as well as domain experts’ attention. Without these tasks, it is difficult to build a customized mobile app for business. Top companies have already started training their developers and making them experts in dealing with these issues by using the agile methodology.


The features of AI in the mobile app can be a game changer for enterprise clients. Unfortunately, only a few app development companies, who have in-house qualified and expertise development team knows about what it takes to build AI in the mobile app.

So, Now that you know what your developers need for AI integration, train them and start implementing AI features in your mobile app.

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