Do you know that certification courses for AWS Developer, PMP, ScrumMaster, Ethical Hacker, CCP-V, Information Systems Auditor and some others fetch some of the highest salaries in the industry today? Getting certified in a valuable course related to your field can get you a high raise and a significant promotion at work.

Do You Want An Early And Valuable Promotion At Work?

You neither have to leave your job, nor do you have to spend all your savings for a certification. These courses can be completed by studying part-time. And, they can be paid for in instalments, by opting for a 12 month loan with no credit checks from direct lenders.

Availing a short-term loan is a suitable way to take care of your unexpected financial needs. You do not need to spend your savings in the process of moving ahead in your career. All you need is to be a citizen of the UK, more than 18 years of age and to have an active bank account.

‘12 month loan’

Paying the course fee for the certification, all at once can prove to be a burden on you and your savings. But you can pay the amount in pieces each month to avoid that.

The loan that you avail can be easily repaid in 12 easy, monthly instalments. This would only cost you a fraction of your regular pay cheque, without much affecting your monthly expenses.

‘No credit checks’

Your credit score might not be as good if this is your first job. Even if this is not your first job, there is a possibility that you have a low credit score. As a matter of fact, your credit score is the first criteria for getting a loan approval.

Luckily, lenders give you a provision for processing your application without running a hard credit check. In return, they demand a security that acts as an assurance that the money would be repaid.

In your case, your job is that security. Your regular income and payslips add reliability of repayment to your application.

Also, the rate of interest on your loan depends upon the principle amount and your repaying capacity. If the lender finds that you would very comfortably be able to afford the instalments, he would not offer a very high rate of interest.

‘Direct lenders’

You obviously would not have time to get involved in the tedious loan procedure of a bank. Thankfully, the online direct lending market has opened up horizons of opportunities for the borrowers. You can apply for a loan in minutes, through your laptop or mobile phone.

From an ocean of lenders available online, choose a reliable one with the best deals and discounts. Make sure no hidden or upfront costs are charged from you.

Lenders have tried to arrange everything according to your convenience. The application form takes about half an hour to be filled. The approval usually comes within 24 hours. And the amount may be credited to your bank account on the same day.

Ease of Selection

The online lenders usually have calculators on their websites for your convenience. You can enter the amount you wish to apply for, and the repayment period to calculate the various aspects of the loan.

The results reflect the interest charged, finance charges, amount repayable and monthly instalment value with respective to that website. This makes it easier for you to compare your options.

To add more to the advantages of approaching direct lender, the online services are generally available 24/7 for your comfort. You can communicate with the customer care representatives via text, e-mail or call for any queries that you may have.

Additional Benefits

At the end of 12 months, you would be awarded with the following perquisites:

  1. An added certification on your CV
  2. No more debt
  3. Improved credit score
  4. Early raise or promotion
  5. Future discounts at the lender’s website
  6. Ease in future borrowings 

Missed Instalments

Mishappenings do not knock before entering your life. You may have to pay for some emergency situations during a month, or you may have lost your job for some reason. It may be difficult for you to pay your instalment that month.

In such scenarios, you are strongly advised to talk to your lender about your situation, before missing the payment. If the lenders are flexible in modifying the agreement, they may help you redesign your repayment plan.

Your loan can go bad if you miss the repayments. You are advised not to depreciate your credit score due to temporary circumstances.


Before applying for the loan, make sure that the instalments won’t become a burden on you. Sign up for the amount that you find easy to repay. A debt going bad will lower your credit score.

Your promotion is just a click away. Move forward in your career without stressing yourself financially. These 12 Month loans, offered without credit checks can help you succeed in life.

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