Lotteries to Come up with Enhanced Security Features

Lately, lottery players are being duped with fake lottery tickets, which are being used to claim the winning amount. Apparently, there is a team of people who generate counterfeited tickets. These tickets are later being used by people to claim the winning amount. As all the agents who sell lottery tickets are obliged to process the winning tickets, which hold a prize of up to INR 5,000 in cash, they are being heavily duped by people. The agents later realize that they have been cheated, once they submit the lottery tickets to the department to claim the money.
Lotteries to Come up with Enhanced Security Features
Prior to this, the citizens were cautious while dealing with cash currency in order to avoid fake notes, but now even the same is the case with the lottery based tickets. In order to combat this situation, The Lottery Department is planning to increase the security features in every ticket that is sold legally. This is being done to overcome the genuine threat of duplication.

From now on, the lottery tickets are expected to be printed as a micro text on paper and each of the tickets will be having watermarking. This will make sure that the scope of manipulation will be completely eliminated. Additionally, this system shall plug the loopholes observed in the lottery prize distribution.

Enhancing the security features of the lottery system not only provides a safer environment for the players but also increases the trust factor of the players who are loyal towards the organization conducting the lottery draws. Fortunately, Lottoland is one such organization that provides safer and secure lottery playing environment to its online players.
Enhancing the security features also eradicates the problem of replicating the lottery tickets and pocket prize. This is where the online lottery has its own benefits. Through online lotteries like Lottoland, you can expect fair lottery draw practices as the sales are disabled automatically before the time of lottery draw and automatic data is generated for both the number of tickets sold and the last number of a lottery ticket.

The online lottery draw is only conducted for the tickets actually sold through the online terminals. Also, the online lottery draws are audited to ensure authenticity and the draw process complies with international lottery practices. In the case of a paper lottery, there are no such audits conducted.

Enhanced security features like real-time data processing of the number of tickets sold, number of winning tickets, and the number of prizes claimed via a secured interface to CTS reporting system makes sure that there are no internal and external fraud attempts in the game. Moreover, real-time data processing avoids sales transaction tampering. If you are still figuring out how to play lottery online, fret not, you can still seek assistance from the support team of the online portal to get started with.

Last updated:4/2/2019 8:47:17 PM
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