Is Physics Required for College?

Whilst in high school, many students are probably not thinking of what is required for college. What are the prerequisites that make you a contender to become a college student in a prestigious college or university? Physics is normally viewed as a difficult subject and most students do not want to undergo through the many practicals involving the subject or the numerous mathematical formulas and calculations. With such a mindset, you may find out the number of physics students in any particular school is very low. The problem continues to escalate even in colleges and that is why there is a huge demand for physics teachers.

Not enough students are taking the subject as they are not well informed on its importance and the role it plays when it comes to entering college. If well educated, the students would put more effort in the subject and even pursue it at high school level as it is required for college. It is however no advisable to choose it just for the sake if you are not passionate about it.

All branches of science are linked to physics

Students may think that they are running away from physics by picking other subjects such as chemistry and biology but what they are yet to discover that all sciences are linked to physics in one way or the other. For instance in chemistry, the concept of atoms is intertwined with physics and becomes hard to separate them. Physics is considered a basic science and commonly required to understand concepts in other subjects. We can therefore deduce that in order to enter college, you will need physics since it is interconnected with other subjects. Knowledge in physics will definitely be needed to pass in other subjects so as to earn college-worthy grades.

Required for SATs

Every student knows how important SATs are in order to get into college. By taking classes in Physics at high school level, you are preparing yourself to enter into college to pursue a career in that field majorly engineering. However, these are tests that test your skills in various fields. In SATs, topics are most likely to be in algebra and geometry. The knowledge in physics will help a student in these areas. The importance of physics here is that it polishes your skills in comprehension and verbal skills as one will need to explain concepts on how they occur and why they act the way that they do.

Readily available and competitive job market

Once one has decided to pursue college education, they already have a career that they want to pursue in mind. In today’s world, there are a lot of careers that are highly saturated and securing a job is very difficult. There are also some careers where although there are jobs in the market, the career is not dignified in society. One therefore wants o be dignified in the career path that they choose. Physics has a wide variety of careers to choose from when the engineering bracket is opened up. Engineers and applied physicists are respected in their careers. Their job market is highly competitive and readily available. Physics teachers are also in demand so as to continue sharpening bright minds for future generations who will venture into the various fields.

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