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Grand Release of the Tencent Games CROS Details

Simon Hopes 976 29-Mar-2019

The Common R&D and Operation system, also called as  (CROS), has been showcased by the Tencent Gamesin 2019 Game Developer Conference. It was the main and the first keynote session for the Tencent Games CROS and there highlights were made by the company in the  light of the new and unique technological solutions that CROS has gone for. This was a direct address for the top mobile game developers and their path to success.

Grand Release of the Tencent Games CROS Details

During the session, CROS introduced its functionality with an example of PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular Battle Royale mobile games in the world. Tencent Games CROS team explained the whole process of how CROS helped PUBG Mobile become one of the most successful mutiplayers mobile games.

Tencent Game CROS provide many services including INO, G6,WeTest and More. The details of services in explain with an example of PUBG Mobile.

•    PUBG MOBILE supports over 30 million daily active users 24/7 lag free using INO which is a network optimization and transmission support service specially designed for multiplayer real-time mobile fighting games. INO customizes Dual-Channel solutions making sure game data can transfer in the multi-link internal network transmission. As a result, INO helps eSport tournaments reduce the average latency by 90%+ and meet 99.9% of eSports industrial requirements.

•    G6 technology supports player cross-continental distribution and game matches in PUBG MOBILE with a 24/7 non-stop global data storage function, featuring less than 3 milliseconds result with over 20M data requests per second.

•    G6 provides high voice quality service from GVoice. PUBG Mobile global connection ratio is over 99.8% and crash ratio below 5 out of 100,000.

•    WeTestreduced 90% of testing time and human labor for PUBG MOBILE. WeTest used AI technologies to test the top 500 mobile devices which covers 90% of the game user base. This allowed the team to quickly deploy a high-quality and smooth multiplayer environment.

•    MTP security provides anti-cheating systems for PUBG MOBILE. MTP has the largest number of cheating tools available in a single anti-cheat tool which helped PUBG MOBILEprevent cheat tool mutation and provided easy identification and quarantine for the hundreds of thousands of active cheating tools.

Overall, Tencent Game CROS seems to be a good one-stop solution for mobile game developers. Mobile Game Developers might be benefited under CROS services coverage as CROS, a mature service plaform, has many successful experience handling the chanllenges face in mobile game developing and system optimization.

Updated 29-Mar-2019

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