Are you an Adventurous person? Are you a Camper? Want to go out with your loved one to a camp and spend wonderful time? Then here’s the most useful thing for you: 2 Person Tent. Tent is a home away from home.
Here are some things to consider before buying a tent :
The main purpose for a buying a tent has to be thought about. If you want a Backpack tent or a longtime guarantee tent or tent for hiking or car camping etc. Purpose will serve the need.
Sleeping Capacity
First you need to see how many people are going. You need to check accordingly so that it’s easy for carrying too. Our advice is that : see that you get proper space for sleeping in all positions, comfort of sleeping and space for your puppy (If you’re taking one).
Size of Tent
 There are different types of tents like Dome tents, Pop Up tent, Ridge tent, Tunnel Tent,Fly,Kohte,Sibley Tent and so on. You need to choose which kind of tent you want depending on the place and size . The size of the Tent matters a lot depending on the comfort. There are huge tents, small tents, car camping tents and so on. Huge tents are spacious and comfortable. Small Tents are cute little ones which will be sufficient for 2 persons.
The season you’re going in plays an important role on deciding what tent to buy. There are 3 season and 4 season tents which are designed according to the temperature conditions. All the temperature conditions are taken into consideration for the comfort of people. Even in rainy season or winter season or summer season the tents are equipped with mesh, nets, downpour of water and etc. Season Tents are to be taken into consideration for better privacy.
Weight of Tent
Weight of Tent helps us to know how easily we can carry it. Carrying easily is important if you’re going Hiking. There are Backpack tents which are very easy to carry. Weight of Tent should be seen depending on the transport you’re using. If you’re car camping then the weight doesn’t play an important role.
Interior of the tent should be seen so that you’ll know what extra features are equipped. Pockets, storage for different things are the needs when you go camping. Interior should be very sophisticated. Interior should be seen according your needs.
See that building the Tent is easy. Cause after going on a camp if you’re facing trouble while building a tent it’s gonna be hard. Go through the instructions on How to build. Building should be easy and require less persons involved.
Material of Tent
Material of the Tent should be cotton(canvas), nylon, polyester etc. Tents material decides in which weather it is useful. If in rainy season the material should not absorb water. Before buying do go through the material and the unique features of material.
Durability is the ability to withstand pressure and damage. The tent has to withstand all kinds of weather conditions . The place you go to decides the durability of tent. The more safer the tent is the more safer you’re.
 See that the flooring is thick enough to stand on. The flooring should be comfortable to sit and sleep. It should prevent leaks. The flooring should be made of best quality material and a soft cushion to prevent the hard or rocky surface.
For a tent to perform well in these conditions it needs to ventilate well. Ventilation helps for fresh air and breathing. The mesh should let the fresh air in and not let insects come in. A happy sleep in the tent is the key to successful tent.
An extra layer of footprint helps in the protection of ground flooring. This will let off the water also. It should be a integrated system.
Wall Design
 There are double wall tents and single walled tents. Single walled tents are light weighted. They allow more air to flow and also more condensation. See the ventilation for single walled.
Number of Doors
There are two types of door options available in tents. A one-door tent may be lighter in terms of weight but it might be inconvenient to use. Whereas, a two-door tent may give more comfort to the user.
These are a few parameters to follow while planning to a buy a tent. If these are take into consideration you will find the best tent for you.
Here are the Top 6 Best 2 Person Tents :
1)ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent
Product URL:
Striking features :
Free Standing ( No assembly frustration)
Polyester Tent ( resists water and UV Damage)
Fully equipped with 8 zippers, pockets, two doorways
Factory sealed seams
Polyester fly (resists UV damage)
Durable Zippers
Poly Taffeta Floor
Base Size: 5' x 7'6, Center Height: 46", Total Weight: 5 lbs. 15 oz., Minimum Weight: 5 lbs. 4 oz., Color: Clay/Rust
This tent is Fantabulous. It’s one of the best seller in the market. The features of this tent are unique. It is easy to carry anywhere and easy to build. The striking features of this tent makes it excellent compared to others. It is water resistant and resits UV Damage too.This tent is a must buy.It's a well designed, roomy, and durable tent that provides excellent protection in windy days.The manual also has a step to step detailed explanation including pictures so that it is easier for the customer to set it up.
2)TNH Outdoors 2 Person Camping & Backpacking Tent with Carry Bag and Stakes - Portable Lightweight Easy Setup Hiking Tent
Product URL:
Striking features :
Easy to setup and safe to use
Compact and Portable
Light weight
Room for two
Interlocking Hub system
17.2 * 6.2 * 5.9 inches
Weight 4.6 pounds
 This tent is the best Backpack tent in the town. This is one of the trending Backpack tent. The cost is also reasonable. This tent is easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. The dimensions of the tent make it look cute and comfortable. It a light weight tent. When you go for Hiking this tent is the most preferable. This tent is easy to setup. It has privacy too. The tent is very portable. It is easily foldable into a backpack. It has interlocking hub system too. As it is portable it has a high demand among hikers.The manual also has a step to step detailed explanation including pictures so that it is easier for the customer to set it up.
3)Featherstone Outdoor UL Granite Backpacking 2 Person Tent for Ultralight 3-Season Camping and Expeditions
Product URL:
Striking features :
Peak Height 43 inches
Trail weight 5 lbs
Sleeping capacity 2 person
Free standing
Large enough for 2
18 * 7.5 * 7 inches
Weight 4 pounds
Let it be any place like forest, desert or hilly this tent is the best.This tent is a 3 season tent. It is weather protected. This tent can be used in any season. This tent is spacious enough. It’s an excellent tent. It has a great design. The tent is made up of an amazing material. It has mesh which helps in breathability and reduces condensation. The tent stands on one pole. It can be moved anywhere without reassemble. Best when going on Hiking, Car camping. The tent also includes Aluminum Stakes, Reflective Guy Line Rope, and a Waterproof Footprint for added protection. This tent is durable and comfortable. The weight of the backpack is really less so it’s easy to carry anywhere. The main advantage is weight.The manual also has a step to step detailed explanation including pictures so that it is easier for the customer to set it up.
4)Kelty Grand Mesa Tent – 2 to 4 Person Camping and Backpacking Tents, Green
Product URL:
Striking features :
Oversized Door
Gearloft loops
Compact folding poles
Freestanding design
3 Season
No of poles 2
Internal storage packets
Weight 4.75 pounds
This tent is a 3 season tent. The capacity is 2-4 persons. It has Fully seam taped construction, Internal storage pockets,Gearloft loops and No-see-um tent body. It has colour coded clip construction. You can stay warm. It is easily foldable and easy to carry. This tent has good interior and has mesh too. The tent doesn’t damage at high rate winds also. The material used is the best. The dimensions of the tent are 85 * 43 * 57 inches. It’s very comfortable and compatible. It might be pricey but it’s worth buying. The manual also has a step to step detailed explanation including pictures so that it is easier for the customer to set it up.
5)Tentsile Connect 2-Person All-Season Suspended Camping Tree Tent
Product URL:
Striking features :
Tree Tent
Suspended above earth
Water and UV resistant
Mesh netting
Rugged Outdoors
Camp Smarter
Best camp tent for sight seeing
157.5 x 118.1 x 31.5 inches
Weight 15.43 pounds
Ever wanted a treehouse ? Ever had childhood fantasies of having a treehouse ?Then this tent is Unique. It’s one of a kind. It’s the best tent for viewing different sceneries. This tent lets you explore world in a whole new level. It has mesh to protect from insects. You can sleep peacefully even though it’s hanging. You’ll feel cozy and warm in it. It’s the best initiative tent. All you need is trees for support. It’s a great addition for camping. The best and the only choice for new experiences. The manual also has a step to step detailed explanation including pictures so that it is easier for the customer to set it up.
6)Chillbo CABBINS Camping Tent Best 2 Person Tent with Cool Patterns for Campers Camping Accessories for Backpacking Music Festival Kids Tent Beach Tent Best Camping Tents Cool Camping Gear
Product URL:
Striking features:
Quality Build
Lifetime Guarantee
16.7 * 8 * 7.2 inches
Weight 8.4 pounds
This tent is ridiculously good looking

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