Are you planning to get inked? If yes, choosing a design cautiously is important. Apart from visual appeal, you must also pay utmost attention towards its connotation otherwise how exactly are you going to deal with people when they ask what your tattoo means. Well, mentioned below are few popular choices opted by many modern-day individuals. Please do check them out now.

The Six Meaningful Tattoos You Can Choose Today

Lotus- Besides procuring substantial amounts of information regarding cost of tattoo in Pattaya or any other location for that matter, deciding on a particular motif is also necessary. Lotus looks good on both men and women. The flower grows in muddy water yet symbolises harmony and purity.

Rose- Roses are exceptionally beautiful and can be etched in different colours such as white, pink, blue, red, etc. or simple black ink. They depict a wide range of aspects namely passion, strength, love, promise, hope, beauty, and innocence. When thorns are added, a rose can mean loss of somebody close or thoughtlessness.  

Butterfly- A butterfly is a breathtaking insect that struggles a lot for transforming from an ordinary caterpillar and for making its way out of a cocoon. It hence represents magnificence, metamorphosis, and brand-new beginnings. Chinese people believe two butterflies together denote love.  

Dragonfly- Owing to having an enthralling and elusive nature, dragonflies can successfully make aesthetically pleasing tattoos. These are quite feminine and so carved by women on their wrist, forearm, ankle, outer collarbone, etc. A dragonfly stands for good fortune, transparency, prosperity, and power.  

Semicolon- Semicolon is used by a writer when he or she chooses not to end a particular sentence. Thus, etching this particular symbol shows that people can take a break but must never stop moving, no matter how many challenges are imposed by life. Semicolon can also be incorporated within words and sentences.  

Glyphs- Glyphs are Greek elemental symbols that are very small yet considered incredibly powerful. It depicts a person’s intense urge to explore rather than just existing. Glyphs look quite attractive when etched carefully on heels, fingers, inner wrist, back of ear, nape of neck, etc.  

If you wish to etch any of the design stated above, consider scheduling appointment with a proficient, experienced, and credible professional, who strictly adheres to internationally recognised hygiene standards as well as try inflicting little pain. A large number of enthusiasts depend on Celebrity Ink™, which treasures best tattoo artist in Thailand, and assures customised services for and affordable price.

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