A workspace is a place that derives the best from an employee, no matter where you are working from, and that’s why, it is considered as a sacred one. With more people working remotely as freelancers, co-working spaces have emerged as a cost-effective and a popular solution for them. Working from home can seem to be a comfortable and convenient option for freelancers, but it carries certain drawbacks too. This is where coworking spaces come to rescue. Co-working spaces offer affordable shared and flexible spaces, especially to freelancers, small teams and start-ups. An ideal co-working space needs to be free from distractions and should have such working environment that boosts the productivity and morale of the members for their freelance spirit. A co-working space can create a productive work environment for its freelancer members by integrating the following aspects.

1. Improved communication

Coworking spaces should implement the concept of collisions to provide improved communication with the shared team members. Collisions are the unplanned interactions that happen among the team members to share concepts and ideas. This is something that a coworking space should strive for. The shared workplace should coordinate fun events with the members to encourage communication and make them feel that they are an integral part of the shared workplace. Their freelance spirit and productivity will increase when they feel a part of community and stay surrounded with people with amazing ideas and concepts.

How to create the Best Work Environment for a better freelance spirit?

2. Job Control

Offering common spaces, meeting rooms, technology driven experience and quiet areas will let he members of a co-working space feel that they have more job control. The freelance members will have more hold over where, how and with whom they work. By doing this, a co-working space can create a well-suited work environment for the freelancers.

3. Design and lighting of office

Deign, furniture and lights are some of the important elements that can affect the happiness and productivity of any employee in an office. Natural lighting positively affects the willpower and motivation of the employees. If at some places, natural light is not possible, you can go for artificial lighting to improve performance of freelance members at shared workplace. Many coworking spaces in Gurgaon are also investing in creating a connection with the nature and outdoors by introducing plant life into the workplace. Using warmer tones of lights in the areas where members can rest or socialize will help to promote relaxation. Such work environment will surely contribute in improving productivity of the members of shared spaces. In addition to this, the design of the office is also an important factor that creates the work environment. The design of the office should be such that promotes positive collisions.

4. Flexible work options

Flexible working hours and locations can impact the productivity of a freelancer considerably in a coworking space. Most of the freelancers look for co-working spaces with accessibility at all hours. This is one of the significant reasons that attract the freelancers to occupy a space at coworking offices. Offer them different kinds of locations and work spaces. Create individual quiet rooms along with large area for meetings and cafeteria and more. Let the members choose the environment they wants to work each day at the shared space. This will definitely boost their freelance sprit.

5. Dedicated space for small breaks |

The coworking spaces can offer a dedicated space for the members when they are on small breaks. These rooms can have small bedding for naps or ping pong tables to make them feel energetic when tired or a comfortable seating to have conversations with each other. The more they feel refreshed and relaxed, the more will be their productivity and freelance spirit.

6. Encourage collaboration

An ideal coworking space is where the members achieve their best through collaboration and constructive feedbacks. Organizing fun events or other activities will encourage them to work together and accept each other’s culture. Such work environment will promote effective networking and great results.

Coworking spaces are on high demand among start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Understanding what their members need can help these offices to create a well-defined work environment at the workplace. By integrating the above mentioned options, a coworking space can serve as an inspiration to derive collaboration and productivity. From building community to creating fun events for collaboration to offering more flexibility with scheduling, coworking spaces can use these tips to create an environment and improve office culture that assures increased freelance spirit and great results.

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