4 Reasons to Use Microsoft Office 365 for Your Business

Microsoft Office 365 is producing some buzz from both huge businesses and small organizations nowadays. Ongoing trends have seen companies turned out to be progressively comfortable with the thought if using cloud-based system to drive business efficiency at an adaptable, measurable expense.

Around 80% of Fortune 500 organizations have effectively taken their business information to Office 365 and now new businesses and medium-sized associations are following this pattern. Smaller companies have started using Microsoft's productivity suite into their regular tasks and use the set of tools to meet their particular, continually changing business needs.

Here are 4 reasons why your business should be using office 365:

Stay Up and Running:

The most common thing of concern in regards to cloud-based services is dependability. Downtime means lost labor productivity and at last costs organizations money. Microsoft Office 365 gives an service level agreement and has a 99.9 percent scheduled uptime. Microsoft has numerous datacenters, throughout the world, hosting redundant network architecture. On the off chance that there is a outage at one datacenter, another can go about as a support. Clients facilitated by the first datacenter are exchanged to another, with as little gap as possible.

Let's be honest. If your in-house structure crashes or your place of business is decimated by a fire or flood, you're trapped. You have no information, servers or site. Statistics demonstrated that 25% of private companies don't revive following a major tragedy. If you send your information to the cloud, all your business archives and applications, for example, email, will constantly accessible.

Ease of Communication:

Make a password-protected gateway to share huge number of files both inside and outside of your organization, giving you a solitary area to locate the most recent forms of records or reports, regardless of what number of individuals are dealing with them. You can also send texts immediately to associates and clients and welcome them to participate in online meetings where you can audit reports or take control of a desktop.

Improve Employees Productivity:

In a universe of adaptable, versatile workstyles, Office 365 sets the phase for productivity by empowering employees to access known Office tools and applications on a range of smartphones from wherever they are. Regardless of whether you perform duty during a tea catch-up with a colleague, while driving to work or turning on a phone call with a customer – with Office 365, work progresses toward becoming something you do at the purpose of need, not limited to a place of business you head to.

No More Software Version Mess:

Dealing with software licenses can be a great hassle for small businesses. One of your workers may using a particular version, while another worker is utilizing an upgrade of the same software version. The outcome? You don't have the foggiest idea how to bring everybody on the same page so they're all taking a shot at a similar version. Office 365 incorporates all licensing and it can be deployed organization wide. This implies organizations and their employees get all the functionality and features of the most recent version of Microsoft Office, and all employees will get upgrades in the meantime.

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